How Much Have ALL Democrats Raised for 2020?

You don’t need a fortune-teller or learn to read tea leaves to understand the plight of Democrats in the 2020 election.

Just look at their fundraising to get an idea of the destruction headed their way in 2020. The good news for them is they won’t be nearly as shocked at a Trump win as they were when Clinton lost in 2016.

PBS reported the bad fortunes of Democrats:

Candidates who have declared their White House bids were required to report how much money they raised between Jan. 1 and March 30, 2019. And while they have until April 15 to get final reports to the Federal Election Commission, most of the White House hopefuls have announced their totals to the press.

Here are the figures released so far, along with the average daily donations raised by each candidates, based on the number of days they’ve been in the race. (Candidates who announced early had more time to raise money.)

Bernie Sanders: $18.2 million. Rate of nearly $444,000 per day.

Kamala Harris: $12 million. Rate of $171,000 per day.

Beto O’Rourke: $9.4 million. Rate of more than $520,000 per day.

Pete Buttigieg: $7 million. Rate of $107,000 per day.

Amy Klobuchar: $5.2 million. Rate of $104,000 per day.

Cory Booker: $5 million. Rate of $84,745 per day.

Andrew Yang: $1.7 million. Rate of $18,888 per day.

Some of these candidates have additional funds on hand from previous campaigns. For instance, Booker has $4.1 million from his Senate campaign and Kirsten Gillibrand has $10.3 million from her Senate race. These funds can transfer into their presidential campaign funds, though it’s not clear if they have made that transfer.

Let’s compare all the Democrat challengers so far to President Trump.

The data below is from Open Secrets. The numbers represent Trump’s fundraising through Oct 2018.

With two years to go before the next presidential election, President Donald Trump has already raised an unprecedented amount of money for his 2020 re-election campaign.

Since January 2017, Trump’s fundraising efforts totaled $106 million, and the president finished September with nearly $47 million on hand, according to recent quarterly Federal Election Commission filings.

His campaign committee along with his two joint fundraising committees raised $18.1 million from July to September, filings show.

Donald J Trump for President, the president’s campaign committee, has raised over $60 million since January 2017. His two joint committees, Trump Make America Great Again Committee and Trump Victory, collectively raised over $80 million. The funds from these joint fundraising committees overlap with the campaign committee, and raise money for both Trump and the Republican National Committee.

Many of the donations Trump has received so far are individual contributions under $200, with those small contributions totaling $13 million for his campaign committee and $41 million to the Make America Great Again Committee.

So all Democrats candidates combined have raised $58.5 million, far less than President Trump.

Others have a few million in their current campaign coffers, but have yet to transfer the funds over. And you can bet they won’t DARE transfer funds from winning campaigns to one that is doomed from the git-go.

I’m not sure what remains in Trump’s 2016 election coffers, but does it really matter?! He has raised more than all Democrats…COMBINED!

But the news worsens for Democrats. Compare what Trump’s achievement to that of his last two predecessors.

Comparatively, at this point in their respective first terms, Trump raised millions more than his predecessors.

Obama raised $4 million and only had $2.3 million on hand at the halfway point of his first term in 2010. This underlies the trajectory of Obama at the time. Trump’s future looks far brighter for re-election than Obama’s. And frankly, I still believe Democrats cheated their way to Obama’s 2012 victory.

As for Bush during his midway point in 2002, he raised $3.2 million and had $2.8 million left to spend.

Trump hasn’t really begun to campaign.

Imagine what happens as the Trump campaign gears into overdrive. When they start soliciting funds from the 92 percent of Republicans who fully support him, the 72 percent of Independents, and the 32 percent of Democrats? He will blow the roof off fundraising numbers.

I can hear Trump now.

“We will raise more than anybody. It’s going to be HUGE!”

And the thriftiest politician ever will spend his money wisely. Just like he accomplished in 2016, when he underspent Hillary Clinton by half.

Meanwhile, Democrats burn money, feeding on each other. So how much money will these Leftist clowns spend fighting each other? Millions.

By election time, they will have a fraction of the war chest needed to compete. Truthfully, no amount of money will help them win.

As Obama alluded, Democrats will be their own worst enemy this election cycle. Bloomberg scoffed at the field, as he notably backed out of a potential confrontation with Trump.

Add to their Democrats difficult the fact that they now deal with a Republican who fights back.




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