Leftists Sell DISEASED Cadaver Body Parts

It’s not enough that Leftists sell black baby body parts for profit. But now we learn there is a black market for diseased body parts.

Check out this father/son crime duo.

CHICAGO (WBBM/CNN) – An Illinois father and his son are facing federal charges after they allegedly sold body parts on the black market from people who thought they were donating to science.

Prosecutors said the father-son duo sold the remains knowing they were diseased, but never disclosed that to buyers. Some of the bodies — which had HIV, sepsis and hepatitis — reportedly sold for up to $100,000.

Donald Greene Sr. is charged with wire fraud. His son, Donald Greene II, is charged with knowing about the scheme but failing to report it. They were associated with the Biological Resource Center of Rosemont, Illinois, which provided the remains to medical professionals for a fee.

In one instance, a mother claims she was told her son’s tissue would be donated to colleges and research centers. Instead, his remains were sold for $5,000.

The U.S. attorney’s office in Detroit, which is handling the case, called it “a scheme to defraud customers of the Biological Resource Center of Illinois.”

WBBM reports that it’s not illegal to sell body parts, per se, but it is illegal to knowingly sell remains that are known to have infectious diseases.

The Greenes are accused of running the operation from 2008 to 2014.

A scheme to defraud customers? I see this as a get-rich scheme meant to KILL customers.

Note the years of operation of these scumbags. Yes, the Obama years. One would think under Obamacare people needing body parts would receive only the Rolls Royce of body parts and not diseased pieces?

Also note the location of the scoundrels. Chicago.

You know these two are Leftists. No true Conservative would knowingly commit such a crime. They would consider the ramifications of their actions. Then they would decide that no amount of money offers satisfaction to offset the devastation they would cause. But not Leftists.

Leftists look for the angle. If they can make money, then it doesn’t matter who gets hurt.

Anybody think investigations will ensue to check on those who received diseased body parts? Who do you think got these diseased body parts?

Let me ask that question another way. Do you think the wealthy of Chicago got these parts? Or would their doctors require another level of testing to insure that their clients got the Ferrari of body parts?

Just for fun, check out what your body parts are worth on the black market.

So when you’re out having that drink, make sure you test for ruffies. You don’t want to wake up in a hotel room missing a kidney.

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