Perfect Democrat: Leftist Judge Faces Criminal Charges

Let’s hope that soon we put Leftists in jail for violating the law. Particularly when their violations put hardworking, taxpaying America citizens at risk.

Let’s hope we get a trophy for the case on this one.

As Reuters reported,

The move marks the latest skirmish over immigration between President Donald Trump’s administration and local governments who have resisted his crackdown. The state’s Democratic attorney general called the charges “politically motivated.”

The charges target Massachusetts District Court Judge Shelley Joseph, 51, and Massachusetts Trial Court Officer Wesley MacGregor, 56.

They focus on an April 2018 hearing in Newton District Court, outside Boston, where an Immigration and Customs Enforcement officer intended to arrest an unidentified suspected illegal immigrant from the Dominican Republic facing a drug charge.

They described a huddled conversation between the judge and the defendant’s lawyer in which Joseph asks, “ICE is gonna get him?” and later says, “I’m not gonna allow them to come in here.”

Thus she arranged for the suspect to be released through the court’s rear door while the ICE agent waited in the courtroom’s lobby for him to emerge.

Who does this? Who let’s a druggie escape and call herself a public servant?

Massachusetts U.S. Attorney Andrew Lelling, a Trump appointee, said the case was not intended to send a political message.

“We did not bring this case in response to the public debate over immigration enforcement,” he said.

State Attorney General Maura Healey rejected that assertion.

“Today’s indictment is a radical and politically-motivated attack on our state and the independence of our courts,” Healey said in a statement.

Racially and politically motivated? Nice for this Leftist Democrat to resort to Alinsky 101.

And what of the state of Massachusetts say?

The state Supreme Judicial Court suspended Joseph without pay, but said its move “in no way reflects any opinion on the merits of the pending criminal case.”

Sadly, Leftists can’t commit to anything. Not even when they know what the right side of an issue is.

This opinion was a no-brainer. Seriously, this judge shouldn’t be suspended, but DISBARRED! Let’s hope that happens.

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