Meet Jussie Smollett’s Communist Mother

As the saying goes, “The rotten apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree”. And such is the case with Jussie Smollett.

He referenced his mother in his statement reclaiming his innocence, an obvious lie. In that statement, Smollett said something to this effect: “I wouldn’t be my mother’s child if one drop of these charges were true.”

What it took to restate this lie amazes me. Smollett takes the world as fools. He actually believes he can get away with this. So how did his thinking come to be?

His radical black mother.

As M. Catherine Evans writes in American Thinker,

Jussie doesn’t have to admit he staged a hate crime targeting Trump-supporters.  He can proclaim his innocence against all reality because in the Aesopian world of Marxist activism that he has inhabited since the cradle, telling the truth is nothing more than bourgeois sentimentalism.  It’s not at all different from lying.

We all know that in a saner America, an early-morning attack on a relatively unknown actor by nonexistent homophobic, racist, “MAGA country,” bleach- and noose-carrying thugs, in sub-zero Chicago, would have garnered a few headlines and been mercifully debunked within 24 hours, and Smollett would be working out some kind of plea deal.

Stop for a moment and imagine if Donald Trump, Jr tried to perpetrate such a fraud. Where would the media, Hollywood, and so on be on that story?

Evans continues,

But Jussie, as his mother’s son, has comrades in high places, and he is a member of the four most protected classes in the country — he’s black, gay, left-wing, and a Trump-hater.  In other words, as an oppressed and marginalized victim of an unjust, racist system, he cannot be held accountable.

Mother Janet Harris Smollett taught him well. Lies are facts that will happen sometime, somewhere, because America is a racist, oppressive country.

Janet has quite a history of intimate involvement with communists, black supremacists, and Black Panthers, so it is no surprise that Jussie was involved in an anti-Trump hoax with his red diaper baby upbringing.  Jussie’s tweets about President Trump during the campaign and after his 2016 victory evoke the hate-filled rants he must have heard every day from his Black Panther mother.  A year before he was arrested and charged with a felony count of filing a false police report, Smollett tweeted this message to President Trump:

Shut the hell up you b—- a– nigga. You will continue to run this country further into the ground and risk lives every time you breathe. You’re not the president. Just a dumpster full of hate. FOH. Sick to my stomach that literal s— currently represents America to the world.

Janet Harris Smollett instilled this hate into her children.

She was mentored by Julian Bond, a founder of the Southern Poverty Law Center with numerous ties to communist front groups.  According to her own son, Janet was tight with the cream-of-the-crop of black radical communists, Bobby Seale, Huey Newton, and Angela Davis.

“To this day, Angela Davis is one of her dearest friends. We’ve spent Mother’s Day with Angela,” said Jussie.

Davis is a former Black Panther and card-carrying member of the Communist Party.  In 1970, she was on the FBI’s wanted list for murder and kidnapping.

More of the radical black connection?

Evans’ article continues:

Along with out-in-the-open Communist Party members in his corner, Smollett had Senators Kamala Harris and Cory Booker, Jesse Jackson, and Michelle Obama ready to save their comrade from the already corrupt justice system in Chicago.  Rank-and-file police investigators never had a chance with this nest of vipers.


Senator Kamala Harris just happened to be the co-chair of newly elected Cook County state attorney Kim Foxx’s transition team in 2016.  Foxx stated that she couldn’t have been elected without Harris’s help.

Foxx was so compromised by her backroom dealings with Harris, the Smollett family, and Michelle Obama that she had to recuse herself in Jussie’s case.

In a New York Times article on the Smollett family, one of Jussie’s siblings credits Janet as their only acting coach.  Mrs. Smollett’s activities in various black radical and communist groups enabled her to “coach” her kids in the art of acting and lying.

So Smollett is right. He is his mother’s child. But he bathes in hypocrisy over this staged incident. Moreover, he’s delusional if he believes he can get away with this.

Such is the state of Leftism today, however. They truly believe they can say or do anything against Conservatives and it will be believed wholeheartedly.

It’s not the case here. And as America will soon see if other incidents, the days of lying Leftists getting away with their crimes have come to an end.

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