Notre Dame Ablaze: World Watches as Free Speech and Christianity BURNS

Laura Loomer and I were working together this morning, when we learned that Notre Dame was ablaze. Sadly, we both wondered if we would know the true details around this event.

Before declaring me and Laura “islamophobes”, consider a few things.

  • First, it’s Passover. One of the holiest of Christian days.
  • Second, Muslims have been known to destroy Christian icons.
  • Third, only three days ago a Muslim woman sentenced for plotting to set Notre Dame on fire.

Laura said something profound, as we watched the 850-year-old structure burn.

“The world watches as free speech and Christianity burns.”

While few people have the guts to say the possibility exists this is a terror attack, the fact is that’s a distinct possibility.

Moreover, look at how Muslims celebrated this incident as captured by a Frenchman.

Note the names of the celebrants:

    • Wahid Hadji
    • Oubbad Jsk
    • Yusuf Mohammedzai
    • Hessam Massa
    • Mohamed Hiadi
    • Mohamed Bensalem
    • Alaa Atfeh
    • Raidh Khaled
    • Ammar Sofiane
    • Abdelhakim Noui Oua
    • Mohamed Amin

Seeing this tragic event, I’m reminded of 9/11.

Moreso, I’m reminded when President Trump said that Muslims in New Jersey celebrated the fall of the Twin Towers.

The Left called him a liar. Understand that Muslims all over the world celebrated the fall of the Twin Towers, just not those in New Jersey.

I can only imagine how Parisians feel. Only a few months ago I waited at the front of Notre Dame. I didn’t go in, because the line was too long. It was the second year in a row I didn’t go in, thinking “I will go in next year”.

That’s no longer the case.

Back to my reasons for saying we should wait and see how this happened.

Passover. Muslims like to make points on certain days. Like with Benghazi. You know, that event caused by the videographer in California. When Muslims attacked a U.S. installation in Benghazi, Libya.

Icons: Muslims like destroying Christian icons. As Christian Heritage Fellowship notes:

The wanton destruction of the Christian capitol of Constantinople by the Muslims is but one of many untold horrors of Islam’s long crusade against Christianity. In recent years, many pundits of the media have attempted to hold Christianity up to ridicule because of the Church’s Crusades against Islam,[1] but the prejudiced pundit never publicly acknowledges the many crusades of Muslims against Christians and their lands, 458 years before one Christian Crusade was waged against the Muslim aggressors.[2] The destruction of the city of Constantinople, capitol of the Christian Byzantine Empire and successor of the Roman Empire, is the tale of only one of those Muslim crusades against Christ and his Church.

Finally, the third reason I gave. The Muslim woman arrested for trying to burn Notre Dame. Here’s that story from Le Journal:

ONE OF THREE women allegedly involved in a foiled plot in 2016 to blow up a car packed with gas canisters near the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris was today sentenced to eight years in prison by a French court for earlier offences.

Ines Madani, 22, was sentenced following a three-day trial during which she was accused of encouraging would-be jihadists to go to Syria and participate in attacks against France between March 2015 and June 2016.

She used Telegram – an encrypted messaging app widely used by jihadists to communicate.

Any chance the others who obviously were part of this plot decided to get even with the French government?

Oh wait. It was a “lone wolf” attack, right?

In America we discuss the crazy Muslim Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. She declared of 9/11, “Some people did something”. Well, it’s happened again.

We don’t know what something did something just yet. And we may never know, due to how the French handle their burning icon events. But does anybody believe a contractor set Notre Dame ablaze?

I don’t.

It doesn’t matter what I believe. What matters is my ability to say what I believe. And what matters even more than that is the fact that an iconic building burned in Paris. No matter who did it, nobody should celebrate it.


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