Running Scared: Comey Fears New Investigations

The Mueller Report is a real let-down for Democrats. Even if they release every single word of it.

On the flip side, Republicans are energized by the vindication of President Trump. Thus, some Democrats fear retaliation, or at the very least, a rebuttal.

In fact, one exchange between Lindsey Graham and Comey highlights the changing tides.

As we recently reported:

No longer is Graham the “reach across the aisle” appeaser he once was. Trump exposed the sh*t-stained hands of the Left, and Graham no longer wants to press the flesh with the great unwashed.

In a recent display of his newfound backbone, Graham responded to a tweet by disgraced former FBI Director James Comey.

Comey tweeted after the release of the Mueller Report,

So many questions

Graham responded, tweeting,

Could not agree more.

See you soon.

The Can of Worms

If Democrats could go back in time, they’d surely not open this can of worms. They brought in Mueller, thinking his reputation as a fixer would save the day and rid them of the dreaded Trump Presidency.

Instead, it’s been two years and umpteen million dollars, and the Mueller report contained exactly what Van Jones predicted: a big fat nothing burger. We could’ve saved a lot of time and money had the left just listened to one of their own.

Instead, Comey and the rest of the leftists were depending on Mueller to deflect from the real criminals: Hillary, Obama, and their band of cronies.

Now, Comey knows he’s in danger. Without Trump’s head on a platter, someone is bound to ask the million dollar question one more time: Exactly how did Hillary get away with the email scandal, among her many other crimes?

Could it be that Comey was as crooked as a Clinton?

Don’t Ask

For Comey, the only choice is to avoid further investigations.

According to Dan Bongino:

In an interview which aired yesterday, CNN’s Christiane Amanpour asked Comey whether he “feared” a counter investigation into himself and the FBI.

‘I don’t fear it personally,” he said. “I fear it as a citizen, right? Investigate what? Investigate that investigations were conducted? What would be the crime you’d be investigating?” Comey asked.

He continued, “So it’s a terrible cycle to start. He’s already started it with calling for the locking up of his political opponents, including people like me. And so it would just be more of that dangerous step. And I would hope, although he continued to disappoint me, the Republicans would finally stand up and say, we don’t do that kind of thing. But me, personally, ask me questions. Go ahead. I’d like to answer them in the daylight, if I could, but ask me — ask me questions.”

Many Republicans, including President Trump himself have called for an investigation into the handling of the Trump-Russia probe.

In other words, Comey hopes we can play by the rules of “don’t ask, don’t tell.” It’s the only way he avoids prosecution for his part in the leftist assault on America.

Another popular phrase comes to mind… what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Trump has been subjected to multiple investigations.

After firing Comey, the FBI started investigating the Russian nonsense. Further, they started an investigation into whether firing Comey was obstruction of justice. Mind you, Rod Rosenstein recommended the firing of James Comey. And then he apparently authorized the FBI to look into Trump’s behavior for…firing Comey.

Rosenstein doesn’t seem to care that crooked James Comey leaked confidential information, which led to the appointment of Special Counsel Robert “I love Comey” Mueller.

So the FBI retaliated against President Trump because of actions they asked him to take.

And now that Mueller failed, Comey’s running scared- because if Trump does exactly the same thing that’s been done to him- investigate, you can bet he won’t come up empty-handed.


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