Smollett called “Washed up celeb who lied to cops”

Jussie Smollett is more than a lying skank. And even Leftists know this.

That’s why Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx described the “Empire” (and fake crime) actor Jussie Smollett as a “washed up celeb who lied to cops”.

Foxx made her comments in texts messages released Tuesday by her office in response to a public-records request by the Chicago Tribune.

Foxx went on compare Smollett’s case to her office’s pending indictments against R&B singer R. Kelly in text messages to her top assistant, Joseph Magats.

On March 8, Foxx text to Magats:

“Pedophile with 4 victims 10 counts. Washed up celeb who lied to cops, 16 (counts)…Just because we can charge something doesn’t mean we should.”

So in other words, she considered Smollett’s case mild in comparison to that of R Kelly’s.

Perhaps? But do you want to send the signal that creating fake crimes and lying to cops is the right thing to do? And the punishment certainly didn’t fit the crime.

Then, what of Smollett’s smugness going forward? Does anybody think he’s truly learned his lesson?

Regardless, what about the lesson being taught to people all over America. The lesson that a “washed up celeb who lied to the cops” gets better justice that you would.

In the words of Ilhan Omar, Smollett is “somebody who did something”. At least according to Kim Foxx that’s all his lying incident was.

Here’s another way to look at this. What would Foxx have done if this had been a wash-up white actor who lied to the cops about two black men who beat him?

Anybody think this ethnocentric black racist would have been so lenient. Because I predict she would have thrown the book at that “white devil”. And rightfully so.

Nobody, repeat nobody should be able to concoct a story like Smollett’s and get away with it. Had it not been carried to the extreme with Smollett going all over media proclaiming his innocence, then REAL community service and a hefty fine could have been deemed appropriate. However, work at Operation PUSH and a $10,000 fine is patently ridiculous.

Now, I’d like to see is a review of ALL Kim Foxx’s cases. I suspect a few other black criminals got preferential treatment. Just how even-handed Ms. Foxx in her dealings based on race?

Another interesting twist involves disgrace creepy porn lawyer, Michael Avenatti.

Texts show that the prosecutor’s right-hand man talked with Michael Avenatti:

On March 3, Magats reported that he gave Foxx’s phone number to Michael Avenatti, who had joined the case. His text message reads:

“… so Michael Avenatti reached out. Apparently he’s coming in to represent the Nigerian brothers in Smollet. I gave him your office number”

Slime meets slime. Leftists protecting Leftists.

Any surprise that Chicago PD now demands the resignation of Kim Foxx?

This woman is a disgrace. And so is Jussie Smollett. Any Democrat who can back either one of them only proves my point that Democrats are vile creatures.

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