Trump Administration Appointee Does the UNTHINKABLE to Black Colleges

The Left reminds us daily that President Trump is a racist. Thus, by default his administration is racist, right?

I’d love to have these Leftist clowns compare records on race of Obama versus Trump. Even the most benign study would prove Obama to be one of the most racially divisive presidents ever.

Meanwhile, President Trump has showcased on many occasions his support of blacks.

But Trump’s magnanimous spirit doesn’t end with him. As Politico reported, Trump’s staffers follow his lead:

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos donated a portion of her government salary to the Thurgood Marshall College Fund, a group of public historically black colleges and universities, the group announced Wednesday.

“Out of all the higher education organizations in the country she could have selected, we can’t thank Mrs. DeVos enough for her trust, belief in and support for TMCF, the mission and our 47 member-schools,” Harry L. Williams, TMCF president and CEO, said in a statement.

Like Pavlov’s (attack) dogs, many black Leftists quickly jumped Betsy DeVos when Trump appointed her.

Not long after she issued a statement calling the schools — founded during an era of racial segregation — “real pioneers when it comes to school choice.”

I’m sure some people see this as an insensitive comment. However, it wasn’t. I suspect DeVos meant that while you can’t have “white” schools, if blacks want a racially-homogeneous education, they have the HBCUs.

So black Leftists used that incident to accuse DeVos and Trump of being racists. Then later in 2017 she was booed by hundreds of graduating seniors at an HBCU in Florida as she delivered the school’s commencement address.

Understand that one of the president’s first actions related to HBCUs was to increase their budgets. Thus, since the misstep, DeVos has since drawn praise from black leaders of HBCUs, in part for her work on a capital financing program that’s helped their financially struggling schools.

“Mrs. DeVos has taken the time to consistently meet, listen and work with TMCF, learning more about the needs and value of our schools throughout her time at the Department of Education,” Williams said. “We have had a productive and impactful working relationship with Mrs. DeVos and her entire team.”

As an expert in spotting racism, I suggest to America that these are not the acts of racists.

Now the question is how do the Republicans “tell it, not sell it”, as I would say to my sales staff.

Get the information out far and wide. Let the public decide for themselves who the racists are. But let’s make sure that we get our side of the discussion out there.

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