PAYOFF: Trump’s BRILLIANT Illegal Immigration Gamble

President Trump gives the Democrats pure hell. And his latest move on illegal immigration may be his best yet in regards to this issue.

The President suggested that he will send the illegal pouring into the U.S. to the sanctuary states.

Democrats didn’t like this suggestion very much. California’s clownass governor said of President Trump’s suggestion calling it all the things that Democrats are for supporting illegal immigration.

“It’s illegal, immoral, uh, unethical, sophomoric petulant and par for the course.”

Again, Newsom described exactly all the things one could rightfully say about Democrats. Because California and other “sanctuary” states break our immigration laws daily. Also, the break laws of decency and common sense.

What’s so great about what Trump did?

By saying he will send illegals to sanctuary cities, Trump forces the Left to own their scandal. And Democrats obliged, quickly declaring what the president did as “immoral”.

Thanks for taking the bait!

So the group who fights for more illegals doesn’t want them in their neighborhoods? Put another way, Democrats provide sanctuary locations for illegals, then deny sanctuary when the time comes.

By crying and whining at the suggestion by Trump of Democrats like Gavin Newsom taking in illegals, he forces them to show their hypocrisy.

Politico reported:

Pelosi criticized the proposal, saying it demonizes migrants.

“The extent of this administration’s cynicism and cruelty cannot be overstated,” Pelosi spokeswoman Ashley Etienne said in a statement to the Post. “Using human beings — including little children — as pawns in their warped game to perpetuate fear and demonize immigrants is despicable.”

Nice try. The people using illegals are Democrats. They conveniently forget what Obama did with illegals.

What did Obama do? According to BDB,

“…it is projected that almost one in five persons among the U.S. population will be foreign born by 2060.[4]The Department of Homeland Security reported that 1,051,031 individuals received lawful permanent resident status in 2015.”

Notably, the 2015 number represents what Obama allowed each year he occupied the White House. But keep in mind this number includes no illegals, but only those who claimed refugee status.

Apparently Leftists want us to forget how Obama dispersed these “refugees” into staunchly Conservative areas of America to change the demographic.

Why is California complaining?

As the article explains, California loves illegals.

California was also the top state of residence of persons (209,568) who were granted lawful permanent residency that year.[8] Among the different classes under which lawful permanent residency is granted, family reunification was the largest admission channel as represented by both classes: immediate relatives of U.S. citizens (44 percent) and family-sponsored preferences(20 percent). While refugee admissions only constituted 11 percent of lawful permanent residents in 2015, the number is still significant as it was the fourth largest admission category after employment-based preferences (14 percent)

Apparently California loves the idea of housing illegals. Because, that state provides “sanctuary” to the most illegals every year. But get this next complaint by the Left.

The new proposal comes during a widespread DHS shakeup by Trump and White House senior aide Stephen Miller to help enact controversial new steps to curb illegal immigration.

Miller reportedly wants to create tent cities along the border to house migrants and has pushed for an updated version of the family separation policy.

Tent cities? If that’s the Left’s big complaint, let’s take a look at the Land of Fruits Nuts and Fairies, as far as tent cities go.

It seems you don’t have to immigrate from a Third World sh*thole to find one anymore. Just visit Californicate.

And if being in a tent city isn’t bad enough, then what about sh*t city, aka San Francisco?

The good news is these illegals will feel right at home in any of America’s big “sanctuary” cities. Because it will remind them of the sh*tholes they left.

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