Twitter is FAKE NEWS Social Media

Twitter doesn’t speak for America. In fact, the social media giant acts more as a propaganda machine for Millennials. But apparently not all Millennials.

As Tech Crunch reported,

A new report out this morning from Pew Research Center offers insight into the U.S. adult Twitter population. The firm’s research indicates the Twitterverse tends to skew younger and more Democratic than the general public. It also notes that the activity on Twitter is dominated by a small percentage — most users rarely tweet, while the most prolific 10 percent are responsible for 80 percent of tweets from U.S. adults.

So what appears to be broad opinions of Americans really represents a small percentage of the populace.

No surprise here. Because if Trump taught America (and the world) anything, he revealed the irrelevance of the media.

If it weren’t for Trump, Twitter would be another social media site on the way out. So Jack Darcy should thank his lucky stars that Trump popularized his media platform. Instead however, Darcy reviles Trump.

What is the future of Twitter?

According to Pew only around 22 percent of American adults today use Twitter. And while they represent the broader population in some ways, not so much in others.

For example, Twitter’s U.S. adult users tend to be younger.

The study found the median age of Twitter users is 40. Compare this with the median age of U.S. adults, which is 47. So even the adults on Twitter are from a younger demographic.

And as with almost all social media platforms except TPC, Democrats make up the largest segment.

Pew discovered that 36 percent of Twitter U.S. adult users identify with the Democratic Party. This number represents a 6 percent advantage over Democrat U.S adults, who came in at 30 percent (the latter, as per a November 2018 survey).

As for Republicans, 21 percent of Twitter users identify as Republicans, versus 26 percent of U.S. adults.

Finally, Independents make up 29 percent of Twitter users, and a similar 27 percent of the general population.

Not surprisingly, according to Pew Twitter is more closely related to the U.S. adult population when it comes gender and racial makeup. Put another way, people are people, and not nearly as segmented as social media and other Leftists believe.

Twitter usage.

We sometimes get caught up in what social media reports. But in truth, the media is not used as much as one might think. Pew noted that the activity on the platform and found that the median user only tweets twice per month. So most adults in all political categories continue to get their news through alternative news sources besides Twitter.

As for Twitter, Millennials dominate the social medium. And only a handful of them provide the biggest voices. The “extremely online“), roughly 10 percent of users are responsible for 80 percent of all tweets from U.S. adults on Twitter.

So don’t feel overwhelmed when you see social media dominance in some Left-leaning discussion. In truth, it’s just a few big-mouth Leftists trying to bully the rest of America.


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