VERY bad news for Democrats in 2020

Looks like Sen Elizabeth Warren’s presidential career ended before it really started. And oh the irony.

Democrats claim to want to empower women. Yet, they can’t seen to find one to drag over the presidential finish line.

According to a poll by Emerson, the Democrat senator from Massachusetts trails not one, but two men in her race to become the next victim of now President Donald Trump.

The numbers show Sanders leads the Democratic primary field with 26% of the vote. He is followed by Biden at 23%, though Biden has not declared a run. Interestingly, Biden was previously ahead of Sanders, prior to the “Creepy Joe” eruption that likely ruined his career.

As for Warren, she managed to obtain just 14% of the vote, followed by relative unknowns  Pete Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, IN coming in at 11%, former Texas congressman Robert O’Rourke at 8% and California slaveowning Sen. Kamala Harris at 7%.

These numbers don’t bode well for the party that needs to remake itself. When an octogenarian socialist leads the list followed by a sexual predator, you may want to rethink your strategy. Warren has different issues, as Spencer Kimball, director of Emerson Polling noted in his statement:

The results were “a concern for Warren who at this time does not have a firewall in her home state, and her rival Sanders has a strong base in the Bay State.”

Back to Democrats’ woes.

The poll also found:

  • 45% of those who supported Sanders in the 2016 primary plan to support him in 2020

Frankly, Sanders needs 150% of his support if he wishes to compete with Trump. But his sellout to the Clinton campaign lost him 55 percent of his base. Memo to Sanders: the base won’t return.

  • Younger voters support Sanders and older voters support Biden

With 55 percent of Sanders’ younger voters abandoning him and Biden attracting only blue hairs, the Democrats’ prospects look pretty slim.

But then things worsen, as an unknown the polls shows Buttigieg as the up and comer?

“This poll continues a trend we have seen over the last month with Mayor Pete becoming increasingly relevant in the Democratic primary with 11% of the vote, just 3 points behind Senator Warren,” said Kimball. “This finding is similar to the results of the Emerson poll conducted a few weeks earlier in Iowa, but higher than the latest polls in Nevada and Pennsylvania, where Mayor Pete had 5% and 6% of the vote.”

Another white man leading the charge?

And where are Kirsten Gillibrand, Cory Booker, and the umpteen other Democratic contenders? Watching their list of doomed challengers grow.

Rolling Stone provided a leaderboard. And that’s with Biden still “undecided”, and others still joining:

Now that Joe Biden appears to be strapping in for a 2020 campaign launch, the top of the Democratic field is nearly set. Former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams remains a wildcard — with the power to shake up our top 10 — but for the moment, we have a clear idea of who to watch in the buildup to the first primary debates, in Miami in June.

With solid funding and grassroots support, Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris hold their places atop our leaderboard. But the rest of the top 10 has been reshuffled. Elizabeth Warren continues to rise, as her canny policy proposals grab headlines. South Bend mayor Pete Buttigieg has shot up to number five, on a gusher of positive press and millions in small-dollar donations. In what should be his golden hour, Biden has tumbled, in the wake of multiple allegations by women who say his handsy approach to politics violated their personal space. Meanwhile, a groundswell of extremely online – and if his fundraising numbers are any indication, real-life — support has buoyed universal basic income proponent Andrew Yang to number nine. The #YangGang lives.

Look back a week ago, and the numbers change. In fact, just look at the earlier poll in this article.

I firmly believe these polls are being financed by the candidates.

Things are so messy for Democrats, Quartz provides a “guide” to the Democratic candidates.

With 16 confirmed candidates, two exploratory committees, and multiple “maybes,” the Democratic field for the 2020 presidential nomination is crowded. Winnowing them down could be particularly tough for voters and contributors, because most of the candidates seem to be running on pretty similar platforms—promoting universal healthcare, pushing for regulations to curb climate change, reducing inequality, and improving conditions for the American middle class.

Soon they may need to produce a “Democratic Candidates for Dummies”. That self-help guide might help the feckless Leftists to vote for Trump.

Don’t worry. Democrats will eat each other alive. And Trump will have his easiest victory yet.



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