Who’s Worse: Joe Biden or His Senior Advisor?

Whenever stories like this surface, I have to ask myself if people even do research anymore.

Surely, when running for President of the United States, you take the time to vet your inner circle.

But then again, the thought process of a leftist never ceases to amaze me. Joe Biden will likely pretend he didn’t see this coming, but again, this is a man with enough connections to know exactly who he’s dealing with.

As Fox News explains:

One of Joe Biden’s newly-hired senior advisers has seemingly had a very recent change of heart.

Symone Sanders, a prominent Democratic strategist and Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., staffer in 2016, was announced as one of the big-name members of Team Biden on Thursday.

But Sanders, who has also served as a CNN contributor, is seen in resurfaced footage from November 2016 expressing her opposition to a white person leading her party after Donald Trump’s election.

“In my opinion, we don’t need white people leading the Democratic Party right now,” Sanders told host Brianna Keilar during a discussion on Howard Dean potentially becoming DNC chairman.

“The Democratic party is diverse, and it should be reflected as so in leadership and throughout the staff, at the highest levels. From the vice chairs to the secretaries all the way down to the people working in the offices at the DNC,” she said.

Sanders wrapped up her remarks by saying: “I want to hear more from everybody. I want to hear from the millennials and the brown folks.”

Listen, I’m all for diversity in politics. But again, leftists believe the advancement of colored people can only happen by extinguishing the white folks.

A few months ago, MSNBC declared “white people can’t save the world.”

As Kevin Jackson wrote:

So what white people overcame man’s worst inhumanities to form the greatest country in the world. Still, according to at least one Leftist, that doesn’t mean white people can’t save America.

In the video below, @DeeTwoCents points out that white people are “always going to vote with their whiteness.”

Well what else can white people vote with? Stay tuned, as I have some answers to this query later.

But while we are on the subject of voting one’s color, don’t most black people vote with their “blackness”?

If there is any group that votes by color, black people do so overwhelmingly. That’s how Democrats trained black people to vote–monolithic or not at all.

If you’re black and didn’t support Barack Obama, share that with a handful of black Obama supporters and see what reaction (yes, singular) you get.

Let’s circle back on what I asked earlier. How do white people vote?

Last time I checked, most white people vote with their pocketbooks. At least the smart ones (Conservatives) do.

No politician panders to whites as a whole to win elections. Such a politician would quickly be deemed a racist. Political pandering has rules. Pander only to blacks, and you must be a Democrat to do so.

When politicians occasionally pander to whites, they do so to small groups of whites. Like working-class white males, and so on. The rule is clear: pander only to small groups of whites. Again, only Democrats can get permits to do so.

Note that you will never see politicians going to white churches to pander for the white vote, as politicians do with blacks. Hillary Clinton famously quoted Reverend James Cleveland’s “No ways tired” speech when pandering to blacks.

Politicians go to black churches to secure the black vote, then break all the promises. They visit white churches for the “evangelical” vote, not the white vote, per se.

Clearly, race is a delicate dance in politics. And for leftists, it’s fine to employ racism, until you get caught.

Of course, once you get caught, it’s time to apologize. And back-peddle faster than Bill Clinton in a room full of interns.

The Apology

As soon as news of Sanders’ new job broke, Real Clear Politics reminded everyone of Sanders overall views of “white people.”

And that’s when the back-peddling began.

In a matter of minutes, Sanders took to Twitter to back her new boss.

What’s this Mean for Biden?

In the last few weeks, we’ve established Biden has more problems than merely his womanizing.

He’s also got a history of defending racism as part of his public service.

CNN dredged up some info on Biden that they conveniently overlooked earlier. That’s because Obama ordained Biden “acceptable” when he needed an idiot VP.

Joe Biden’s road to a third presidential bid has been lined with a series of explanations and apologies, illustrating the challenges of preparing a long record of public service for fresh scrutiny under the spotlight of the 2020 campaign.

Yet he rarely discusses one of the earliest — and most controversial — issues he championed in the Senate: his fight against busing to desegregate schools.

When you add this tidbit to the beliefs of Biden’s new Senior Advisor, one thing is undeniably clear.

Biden’s third try at the presidency is a train wreck, long before it leaves the station.

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