Another Conservative Casualty of Facebook

In October, 2018, Facebook purged more than 800 accounts for their right-wing viewpoint.

Despite staunch criticism to their attack against free speech, Facebook repeated their conservative purge in early May.

More than 61 million followers were affected by these purges.
Yet, the social media giant continues to attack the first amendment.

Consider this op-ed from staunch conservative Justin Smith.

I stay on Facebook simply because it has inserted itself into all sectors of public life, somewhat insidiously I might add, and as such, it wields far too much power as a political tool to simply be abandoned, due to its tyrannical and arbitrary censorship of everything conservative, pro-American, pro-Liberty and pro-Life. If not for this fact, I could care less if I’m on FB or not, until someone in government realizes Facebook should be regulated much like phone companies and cable corporations are. Such regulation should require social media to honor the Bill of Rights.
Whether I’m speaking to Conservatives or not, Facebook shouldn’t intervene. Everyone is  provided a “Block” function, therefore, no one is forced to embrace my conservative voice. So why go the extra step to act as Big Brother censoring as Facebook sees fit?
If I’m in a place of business and the owner doesn’t like something I say, they cannot censor me. But, like Facebook they can ask me to leave or refuse me service. That’s what Facebook essentially does. However, Facebook wouldn’t know what I was saying or writing if they weren’t illegally spying on me through the algorithms and monitors.
Clearly, if someone runs across my public post by accident, they can simply ignore it. Facebook should leave all non-violent interactions between willing participants alone. Opposing parties participating on Facebook should behave as adults. They can debate, or they can block. Both are fair and square. But erasing the conservative voice is anti-American.

The Facebook Regime

Currently, Facebook operates as a regime controlling the narrative. Obviously, it’s censorship 101. Conservatives are shadow-banned. When that doesn’t work, they’re put in Facebook jail or locked out of their accounts. And Facebook’s standard reply insinuates only “hate-speech” was removed. Yet, like all leftists, the hypocrisy is apparent. Liberals can attack right-wingers at-will.
I hate to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but it seems the left is determined to take over social media. YouTube, Google, and Twitter all follow suit. Even WordPress faces criticism for deleting conservative blogs.
Google hides or outright deletes archived conservative material from the web, which essentially constitutes “scrubbing the internet” of all conservative rhetoric. This “control of the internet” is downright dangerous. Leftists want to compare Trump to Hitler, yet their actions more closely align to that of a dictator obsessed with controlling the narrative.

Time for Anti-Trust

Perhaps it’s time for congress to split Google, Facebook and Amazon into smaller organizations under the Sherman Anti-Trust Act. Arguably, competition could force a free-flow of information on both sides of the political spectrum. Otherwise, our internet will be controlled by big corporations pushing their own agendas upon the American public. And at some point, whatever they build could be used as a propaganda machine against us all.
However, Americans can’t wait for Congress to address these problems during the current political climate. Democrats control the House and their only goal is to impeach the President.
Congress repeatedly defends the censors. House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., is railing that social media companies are not doing enough to “counter” what he calls “vitriolic hate messages,” aligning himself with the same tyranny we see all across Europe.

Judicial Justice

Last fall, a conservative nonprofit called Freedom Watch sued Facebook, Google, Twitter and Apple for suppressing “politically conservative content.”
Hopefully, judges will rule against social media platforms. AG Barr already voiced his concerns that our judicial system is off-track. They must return to the duties of evaluating the law and stop trying to legislate the liberal agenda.
This is just the tip of the ice-berg. When facial recognition and a complete cashless society become reality, social media will determine who is or isn’t in good standing with the government. The very techniques FB is using now can be used by any tyranny-minded government to suppress the population until they toe the party line. We see a similar program already unfolding in China through a social credit score that determines EVERYTHING for the individual …. even whether one gets into a university or not.

Big Brother’s Here

I recently had a dear friend make me aware of the new ‘Tech Bias Story Sharing Tool’ that puts one on a White House type form, where a person can share their story of abuse and censorship at the hands of any or all the various tech giants. Anyone who has experienced the OVERT and BLATANT and Often ARBITRARY CENSORSHIP utilized by Facebook, Twitter, Google and now even WordPress should use this tool to contact the White House and express Your own particular concerns.
The Senate and the House have a responsibility to react to this social-media-driven climate. If they don’t, the courts will be forced to intervene. Too much of our liberty has already been destroyed through illegitimate legislation. We can no longer afford to sit back and watch.
Thankfully, Trump isn’t a sit-back-and-wait kind of guy. If the social-media giants don’t get a clue, Trump will send them one.
*Justin Smith is a new contributor at The Black Sphere. Comment and let us know what you think.
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