Bad News for Mueller: Only Beginning for Him and Cronies

Robert Mueller gave a press conference yesterday. He hopes this will be enough for people to leave him alone.

Sadly for him, Mueller’s problems are just beginning.

Not because the Democrats actually want more out of him. His failure to find manufactured evidence against Trump vexes them. In fact, as far as Democrats are concerned Mueller failed miserably. The Democrats’ threat of him testifying served as a public chastising of Mueller.

The presser offered nothing new. Trump didn’t collude with the Russians. And there was no obstruction.

Mueller’s not-so-clever “cover his ass” statement about not exonerating Trump on obstruction threw a morsel of red meat to Leftists. However, that little morsel proves what Mueller’s task was.

Even the biggest moron knows that if there is no crime, there is no obstruction. How do you obstruct a non-crime? That’s called defending oneself.

Democrats pounced on Mueller’s presser as if new revelations occurred. Many will say that Mueller has done his job. I suspect there will be calls by Democrats to now leave the supposedly reclusive, and certainly laconic Mueller to himself. “Let him go live his life now,” some will say.

Check out what Nadler said immediately after Mueller spoke:

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler said Wednesday that the impeachment option remains ‘on the table’ when it comes to Democrats’ investigation of President Donald Trump.

‘With respect to impeachment question at this point, all options are on the table and nothing should be ruled out,’ he said at a press conference in New York after special counsel Robert Mueller spoke publicly on his Russia investigation.

But Nadler would not say if his committee would subpoena Mueller, who expressed a reluctance to testify before Congress about his two-year probe of President Trump.

‘Mr. Mueller told us a lot of what we need to hear today,’ Nadler said when asked about a subpoena.

Understand that many of the most vocal “collusion” Democrats now want Republicans to leave well enough alone. They say, “It’s time to move on”. I’m pretty sure I haven’t heard a single Democrat declare recently that they would like to get to the bottom of who authorized the now completely debunked Steele dossier. Not a single Democrat seems curious about some of the holes in Mueller’s and the Democrats’ case.

Mueller’s cry for help

What I heard from Mueller in his recap is, “Please leave me alone!”

Mueller can’t cover any longer for Democrats. He utilized dozens of DoJ resources in his effort to get Trump, yet got bupkus. Try to imagine having the brightest anti-Trump, pro-Hillary Leftists at your disposal, along with the entirety of the Department of Justice. Still you come up with absolutely nothing. That’s almost a statistical impossibility, even when the person has done nothing wrong.

So now Democrats continue gaming America. “We moved closer to impeachment”, some Democrats now say. How so? What exactly did Mueller add that warrants the discussion of impeachment.

Recently Trump uttered the magic word that created the demand for Mueller to change the news cycle. That word: declassify.

Democrats tasked Mueller with changing what people are talking about. While he allowed Democrats one last try at subterfuge. Another failed attempt.

And now the snake turns to bite its handler

Mueller can’t throw the scent off the Democrats. Each move they make showcases more desperation.

Over the next few weeks, we will hear from many Democrats. Some narking on each other, and others simply looking for deals. Watch as the rhetoric subsides soon. A few people will die mysteriously, a warning the high-level Democrats will send. But that won’t deter some Democrats who realize they’ve run out of runway. The confessions will begin then.

America is long overdue for the truth. Mueller will get his opportunity to explain his investigation. And he’d better tell the truth this time.



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