Biden’s Dilemma: Leftists Are TARGETING Biden

Joe Biden represents the worst candidate for Democrats. Yet some in the party tout him as the front-runner. But, I don’t buy it.

Twice Biden ran for president, then dropped out.

While he may not drop out as early this time as he did the last two times, I believe Biden won’t be the Democrats’ ultimate choice.

Inside the party, there exists an anti-Biden camp. I only know what I sense. The media doesn’t target the front-runner.

Consider all of Barack Obama’s faults when he ran in 2008.

The man was wholly incompetent, as Obama accomplished nothing in Illinois politics.

Moreover, the man didn’t have the experience to run a newsstand. And he readily proved that as president.

Obama made more gaffes than Joe Biden. Then in what should have made for the richest of comedic fodder, he picked Joe Biden as VP.

Fast-forward to today, and former Resident Obama won’t even back his Number 2?!

While that stands out to me as a big clue, others clues exist. For example, Politico pointing out that Biden has a record of what many blacks deem racist.

In April, as he prepared to announce his presidential candidacy, Joe Biden went on an apology tour that noticeably stopped short of issuing any apologies. He called Anita Hill and, in the words of a campaign statement, shared “his regret for what she endured” at the Supreme Court confirmation hearings for Clarence Thomas, which Biden chaired some 28 years ago.

Biden also recorded a video expressing regret for not being more “mindful” of the personal-space boundaries of women after several allegations of unwanted and non-consensual touching. He then went on “The View” and argued that in neither of these instances did his actions warrant an apology.

In fact, when we reported Biden’s mop-up team working overtime to clean up his image, one fact jumped out at me.

Sadly, Biden’s creepiness isn’t even hidden. One article I read described it as the “best kept open secret in DC”.

He did, however, half-apologize for one thing: His role in creating one of the most insidious aspects of the War on Drugs, even while minimizing his role in it.

“I got stuck with, because I was chairman of the [Senate] Judiciary Committee, writing most of the drug legislation that occurred in [the 1980s and ’90s],” Biden said while speaking at the University of Pennsylvania on April 11 as part of a panel on the opioid crisis. “Big mistake was us buying into the idea that crack cocaine was different than powdered cocaine and having [different] penalties.”

Now, Biden is a global laughing-stock.

It’s one thing if your political opponents pick on you. But it’s quite another when foreign leaders officially call you an idiot.

As we recently noted:

North Korea issued a list of criticisms against former VP Joe Biden, calling the presidential candidate a ‘low IQ idiot’ and saying ‘his candidacy should not carry high expectations,’ ABC Politics tweeted Wednesday.

USA Today added, “North Korea has called Joe Biden a ‘fool of low IQ’ and an ‘imbecile bereft of elementary quality as a human being.’

Claiming that the former Delaware Senator “is misbehaving,” the article referred to him as someone who “likes to stick his nose in other people’s business and is a poor excuse for a politician.”

And while some of the article is lost in translation, apparently they also said Biden’s candidacy is enough to make a cat laugh.

With publicity like this, leftists have the perfect reason to can Biden once and for all.

Newt Gingrich Sums it Up Best

Newt Gingrich might be a close ally of President Trump, but he always considered Biden a “friend,” if such a guy can be a true friend. Yet, despite their years of rapport, Gingrich says there’s no way Biden will ever defeat Trump.

To elaborate:

Biden can employ a crew to mop up his messes. He can hire an anti-white senior advisor to secure the black vote. But at the end of the day, he’s an old, racist, womanizing white guy. And the “loving and tolerant” left shouldn’t subscribe to Creepy Joe’s brand of leadership.

There’s no way democrats are dumb enough to pit this has-been against Trump. But if they are, conservatives can rest easy, because Trump’s victory will be a landslide.

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