James Comey Tips His Hand on Prospects for Prison

Disgraced former FBI Director James Comey appeared on CNN the other night. It was a Town Hall format, hosted by Anderson Cooper.

I only caught about 30 seconds of the show, before I knew the agenda: continue the Leftist lies.

If you watched that video you might be thinking, “For a guy who didn’t know Hillary Clinton’s intent on bleach-bitting and smashing hidden servers, he sure seems certain about Trump’s intent to expose the attempted coup”.

As for the media rounds, Hillary Clinton did the same thing a few days earlier when she appeared on Rachel Maddow’s show. On that show, Clinton attempted to make the new initiative about Trump’s taxes. Retread of a topic litigated on November 8, 2016.

Spoiler alert for Clinton and team: Trump won.

Back to CNN and Comey.

Clearly, Democrats-in-trouble are making the rounds; playing high-stakes CYA. Because Democrats are in big trouble. You know this, because they claim Trump is in big trouble.

As The Washington Times reported,

Former FBI director James Comey said Thursday that he thinks President Trump likely has committed crimes that could be cause for indictment once he leaves office and, were he not president, likely would already have been indicted.

In a CNN town-hall-style meeting, Mr. Comey was asked by host Anderson Cooper whether Mr. Trump acted with corrupt intent to interfere with an ongoing investigation.

“It sure looks that way,” Mr. Comey replied, saying he based that judgment on his reading of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report and leaning most heavily on Mr. Trump’s order to White House Counsel Don McGahn to fire Mr. Mueller.

When Mr. Cooper asked the former FBI chief whether he agreed with an open letter from numerous federal prosecutors that Mr. Trump would already have been indicted on obstruction of justice charges if were not the president, Mr. Comey was emphatic.

“Yes. agree. No doubt,” he told Mr. Cooper.

There you have it. Comey knows what’s coming…for him.

One can only imagine how the Democrats feel behind the scenes. The clandestine meetings where they distribute talking points for themselves and the media. Needless to say, the coup plotters against Trump are in full meltdown.

Even after the Mueller Report completely exonerates President Trump, Democrats press on. They live on the muscle-memory of a time when the media could keep repeating the lie and make it truth. However, the truth will win in this case. And that truth can be summed up in this two words: Steele dossier.

Talk about putting all their eggs in one defective basket. Democrats bet on Christopher Steele. A man hired to created a fake dossier, then get it entered into the “record” before the election.

Now America has more than smoking guns. We have dead bodies and Democrats holding guns at the scene of the crime with GSR on their hands and blood droplets from high-speed blood spatter. No luminol needed to know who fired the shots.

Only the victim survived. And now he’s got the gun.

What I find most interesting is how deep high-level Democrats and their minion are willing to dig.

Consider how badly this must all end for Democrats.

When it’s proven beyond a doubt to the braindead massives known as Democrat voters that the entirety of the Obama administration attempted a coup, what will happen to the Democrats and the media?

The answer? What’s already happening to them.

Democrats have ZERO credibility. Of course the media won’t dare tell you of the defections within the Democratic Party, but they are happening. Now Democrats have but one course of action. They must get Trump.

Rep. Al Green said it recently. He declared, “If we don’t impeach Trump, he will win again in 2020”.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi called the matter a “Constitutional crisis”, saying Democrats needed to get Trump out, “for the sake of the democracy”.

Sadly for her, America is a constitutional republic, not a democracy. But don’t let that stop her from achieving a Democrat dictatorship.

Back to Comey

No amount of media will help James Comey. Democrats singled him out and the die is cast.

Indeed, high-ranking Democrats visited the lamb farm. And they picked their first sacrificial lamb. He’s 6’8″ and used to be the fixer for the Clintons.





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