Here’s How You Deal with Punks Who Hit You (video)

Leftists live by double standards. They attack constantly, then whine like babies when somebody strikes back.

And rarely will any of them attack you from the front. Cowards they are, they prefer to strike from behind. Further, their goal is self-indulgent. They seek monetary damages or some fame from their sneaky violence, because that’s what happens.

In the video below, Australian Sen. Fraser Anning blamed the New Zealand terror attack on Muslim immigration. As he was speaking a young 17-year -old punk egged his head on live TV at the event.

I love that the senator struck back immediately.

And he didn’t care that the attacker was a 17-year-old punk, as he bitch-slapped the little putz. Too bad he only used an open hand and not his fist.

Here’s another angle of the attack. Notice the man who restrains the Leftist punk, as he chokes him out.

I only wish that video had lasted a bit longer. Because I would have loved to see that kid’s lights go out.

Social media commented on the story. Most people agreed with the senator.

Eric Steele tweeted:

Children these days don’t suffer consequences how did he know that was going to happen? I like the security guard that pushed him down and then helped him up!

An interesting tweet proved to be prophetic:

The sad thing is the media will twist this, and say man assaults young teenager then show the video from the boys point of view

That’s already happened, as Leftist want the senator charged with assault. Of course, they want nothing for the “child”.

In a CBS story, the kid was praised:

Many praised the teen on Twitter, giving him the nickname “Egg Boy.”

“We thank you greatly for your bravery because you’ve done more than what the Australian government has done about racist senator Anning, bless your soul,” one user wrote.

Not everyone agreed with the Leftists, as one person tweeted:

The kid will probably scholarship to Harvard!

I’m certain this is in reference to David Hogg getting into Harvard with “black people scores” on his SATs.

I hope more Conservatives choose to strike back rather than take abuse.

What if this kid had a knife or a gun? You can bet Leftists would cheer his attack, saying the senator deserved it.

For what? Speaking truth about Muslim immigration?



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