Disgraced Former AG Lynch Has TOUGH WORDS for Comey

More infighting with the swamp rats, as many search for their “get out of jail free” cards.

In this case, the battle is between disgraced former Attorney General Loretta Lynch and disgraced former FBI Director James Comey.

According to Fox News:

On “America’s Newsroom” Tuesday, Huckabee reacted to the news that former Attorney General Loretta Lynch accused ex-FBI Director James Comey of mischaracterizing her statements while being under oath.

“She basically called him a liar. That’s something that he has been called a lot over the past few months by people who have looked at what he said and how it contradicts other things he said. I think what we’re seeing is that this whole issue is now moving from a political theater to a legal theater,” Huckabee said.

“That means the rules are changed. When it was about the political rhetoric people could say whatever they want,” Huckabee continued.

“James Comey could speak politically, he could go on talk shows, promote his book. He could present himself as some big deal who knew a lot and was a little more sanctimonious than pretty much anybody else in the country.”

Lynch stated during testimony that she was surprised that Comey made the claim that she instructed him to call the investigation a “matter” instead of an “investigation”.

Things will get bad for Comey, once people know his history of Clinton coverups.

We documented Comey’s role.

THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE COMEY SCAM. Taken from credible public sources…with a few reasonable “fill in the blank” conclusions of my own.

The Highlights:

Comey was a minor assistant US attorney in the late ’90s. He only gained power and money by being a Clinton-insider. He was the DOJ official who “investigated” and cleared Bill Clinton of any wrong-doing in Clinton’s totally corrupt pardon (for huge payoffs) of criminal financier Marc Rich as Clinton was leaving the presidency. This is how Comey began his career. He was a creature of the “swamp” years ago, as a servant of the Clintons.

Comey provided “cover” for the Clintons in their gaining incredible power and wealth after leaving office through pardoning a billionaire money-launderer, arms dealer, and criminal. Comey was a key piece in how the Clintons upped their corruption game and gained incredible wealth through their foundation after leaving the White House. A huge part of the scheme was giving Marc Rich a free pass when he should have spent life in prison, and that is what Comey covered up for the Clintons. This set up Comey to be part of the corruption machine, making him powerful and wealthy.

Lockheed connection

Immediately after doing the Clinton’s dirty work as a DOJ official, Comey resigned from the DOJ. Then, he took a position as the head attorney (Counsel) of the Lockheed Martin company, a huge military contractor. While he was in that position Lockheed became a major contributor (millions) to the Clinton Foundation and its fake charity spin-offs. In return for these payments to Clinton Inc., Lockheed received huge contracts with Hillary’s state department. Comey was the chief legal officer of Lockheed throughout this period of contributions to Clinton Inc. in return for State Dept. contracts.

In late 2012, after overseeing Lockheed’s successful relationship with Hillary’s State Department and the resulting profits, Comey stepped down from Lockheed. Afterward, he received a $6 million dollar payout for his services.

Comey goes to HSBC

In 2013, the largest bank of England, HSBC Holdings, was deep into a scandal.

Investigations by federal authorities and law enforcement revealed that for years HSBC laundered billions of dollars for Mexican Drug Cartels. They also channeled money for Saudi banks who were financing terror, moving money for Iran in violation of the sanctions, and other major criminal activity. HSBC’s criminality was pervasive and deliberate by the bank and its officials.

HSBC was a huge Clinton Foundation contributor (many millions) throughout the so-called investigation. Further, Bill Clinton was paid large personal fees for speaking at HSBC events (while Hillary was Sec of State). Eric Holder and the Obama Justice Department did what they were paid to do. Thus, they let HSBC off of the hook for a paltry 1.2 billion dollar fine (paid by its stockholders).

Not one director, officer or management member at HSBC faced termination or criminal charges. While everyone involved with HSBC (including the Clintons and all of their “donors”) were escaping without penalty, a cover was needed.

Therefore, Comey was appointed as director and member of the Board of HSBC (in the middle of the scandal fallout).

Comey was part of the effort to cover up the scandal and make HSBC “respectable” again.

Comey’s appointment to the FBI happened with no experience in law enforcement!

These dots are easy to connect.

While I certainly believe Comey is a liar, so is Loretta Lynch.




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