Howard Stern PROVES He’s a Brain-Dead Moron

Howard Stern knows one thing: smut radio.

Well, that and small penises. Otherwise, he’s not good for much else. 

I don’t say this because Stern took a swipe at me during my “lying skank” period. But there is a certain irony to it. Because as with most things I say, I stand behind my comments.

Back to Stern, the idiot.

Proving he knows nothing about politics, Stern chimed in on Trump. He claims to have inside knowledge that Trump’s presidency was a publicity stunt:

From The Hill,

Radio host Howard Stern, who often hosted President Trump on his show before the reality star and real estate mogul entered politics, claims Trump’s 2016 campaign was a “publicity stunt” to get NBC to give him a raise for “The Apprentice.”

“This is a publicity stunt,” Stern said in an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper. “I have no doubt because I have some inside information.”

If anybody needs a publicity stunt, it’s Howard Stern. His radio act reminds me of clipping old people’s toe nails. There’s just not much evolution when your show lacks originality.

Stern phones his show in…

As for Stern’s “inside knowledge”, he tells us what we all know. Trump used the talk of presidency to sell books.

Stern said it all started with the 1987 book “The Art of the Deal,” ghostwritten by Tony Schwartz but credited to Trump. Stern said that a public relations professional suggested Trump start a “rumor” that he was planning to launch a White House bid.

“So, all of a sudden, he was being interviewed — the book goes right to No. 1,” Stern said.

Stern said that when Trump’s second book came out, “that’s when he started the rumor that he was running for president.”

“‘The Apprentice’ ratings were not what they were, NBC was not going to give him a raise,” Stern said.

“And what’s a better way to get NBC’s interest? I’ll run for president and I’ll get lots of press. And I think that’s what happened.”

So Trump used the marketability of running for president to his advantage. Indeed. As any smart person in his position would. But that was for his first non-presidential run.

As for this time, Trump simply got fed up. He ran because he felt he was the best person for the job.

But Stern offered his inconsequential opinion on this.

Stern added that he doesn’t think Trump likes being president “at all.”

“I think he liked winning the presidency,” he told Cooper. “He likes to win.”

As an expert in human nature, I attest Trump loves being president.

First, he laughs in the faces of all the naysayers. Try to imagine being Donald Trump on November 9, 2016. The moment he got that call from crooked Hillary Clinton conceding the race.

In the blink of an eye, Trump went from billionaire real-estate developer and reality show star to leader of the free and enslaved world. He didn’t just beat the odds. Trump slayed them.

And what did Trump do afterwards? Well he didn’t go to Disneyworld, Princess. He went to work.

Trump saved Carrier. A move that marked undoubtedly the best two years as president in modern history.

Which brings me to Point Two: Trump loves the work.

What job offers a person the ability to problem-solve better than the presidency. I imagine Trump has problems sleeping, he’s so anxious to put his foot up the asses of Leftists every morning.

If anybody didn’t like being president, former clown Barack Obama fits.

Obama knew he would win. And the next day, he felt like the dog who caught the car. I recall him level-setting with his base that he might not be baby black Jesus as they thought. He warned them that he would need time to learn his new task.

Sadly, Obama could have ten lifetimes and still never learn how to be an effective president. Dude was all hat no cattle, as they say in Texas.

Stern should stick to smut radio and reminding tiny dick men that with enough money, they too can marry a trophy wife.



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