Judge Suspended for Anti-Trump Rhetoric

AG Barr recently stated his concerns regarding the judicial system.

In fact, according to Barr, the courts are wrongfully inserting themselves into politics.

Now conservatives finally see a small slice of vindication! A judge was held accountable for his inappropriate political comments aimed at President Trump.

According to Fox News:

A judge in Utah was suspended without pay for six months last week after criticizing President Trump — both online and in court — for his “political incompetence.”

Judge Michael Kwan, who’s been a justice court judge in Taylorsville, a suburb of Salt Lake City, since 1998. Between 2016 and 2017, he shared inappropriate posts on Facebook and LinkedIn about the president, according to Utah’s State Supreme Court.

Kwan violated the judicial code of conduct and lessened “the reputation of our entire judiciary,” Justice John Pearce wrote in an opinion on Wednesday.

“Judge Kwan’s behavior denigrates his reputation as an impartial, independent, dignified, and courteous jurist who takes no advantage of the office in which he serves,” Pearce said.

An investigation was opened after Kwan made comments about Trump during court in 2017, KSTU reported. He told a defendant who said he planned to use his tax refund for his court fees that he would need to pray in order to get a tax return because of Trump’s proposed border wall along the southern border.

“Prayer might be the answer. ‘Cause, [Trump] just signed an order to start building the wall and he has no money to do that, and so if you think you are going to get taxes back this year, uh-yeah, maybe, maybe not,” Kwan reportedly said. “But don’t worry, there is a tax cut for the wealthy so if you make over $500,000 you’re getting a tax cut.”

Kwan didn’t limit his comments to the courtroom either. He took to social media to make his disapproval of the President very public.

Fox continues:

On Inauguration Day in 2017, Kwan posted online: “Welcome to governing. Will you dig your heels in and spend the next four years undermining our country’s reputation and standing in the world? . . . Will you continue to demonstrate your inability to govern and political incompetence?”

On Inauguration Day in 2017, Kwan posted online: “Welcome to governing. Will you dig your heels in and spend the next four years undermining our country’s reputation and standing in the world? . . . Will you continue to demonstrate your inability to govern and political incompetence?”

“He certainly regrets making those statements and is committed to not doing anything like that again,” attorney Greg Skordas told The Associated Press.

Technically, Kwan chooses to keep his political affiliation private. However, Kwan was previously reprimanded for his comments aimed at both sides. But I’m going to venture a guess. Kwan’s a leftist. He may criticize a few democrats, but his behavior is clearly left-leaning.

Ironically, just last week AG William Barr took a stand against these judicial attacks on the President.

In fact, according to Barr, the lower court rulings plaguing the Trump administration with their constant injunctions not only undermine the current president, but also pose a threat to future administrations.

Think about it. The courts started injecting themselves into the political process almost immediately after Trump took office. One of Trump’s first big moves was the travel ban, designed to ensure the safety of US citizens. And almost as fast as Trump took action, the court invoked a “judicial review” of Trump’s orders.

Of course, eventually the courts had to face facts. Trump’s move was completely within his given authority. But the eagerness to put all Trump’s executive actions through a judicial review is ridiculous.

While speaking to the American Law Institute, Barr referenced the California Court that tried to block Trump from ending DACA in 2018.

Nearly a million people brought here illegally were protected by DACA. Judge William Alsup claimed ending DACA was detrimental to immigrants. However, the courts failed to offer the same kind of “judicial review” when Obama issued DACA as an presidential memorandum. DACA isn’t even constitutional.

Obama Weighs In

Ironically, Obama admitted DACA is unconstitutional. Obama lacked the legal authority to pass DACA, but he did it anyway. My guess is that Obama figured it was easier to beg forgiveness than seek permission. But to quote the God of the left, in 2010, Obama said, “I am not king. And I can’t just do these things by myself… I can’t just suspend deportations through executive order… I can’t just bypass congress… That’s not how a democracy works.”

Yet, two years later, Obama did just that. He violated the constitution.

In fact, Obama issued 277 executive orders while in the White House. And that’s where Obama hid a lot of legislation without using the democratic process even once.

Yet, we never saw the courts jump in to regulate legislation as they’ve tried to do with Trump.

The White House weighs in.

The leftism oozing from the judicial branch is disgusting. It’s clearly a jab at the balance of powers.

As Fox News quotes:

‘So what have these nationwide injunctions wrought? Dreamers remain in limbo, the political process has been preempted, and we have had over a year of bitter political division that included a government shutdown of unprecedented length.” Barr said.

Sadly, judges enacted thirty-seven injunctions against the Trump administration thus far, and there is no end in sight. Comparatively, Obama only faced two injunctions during his first two years in office. In other words, these injunctions aren’t created by judges, they’re created by political activists.

However, it seems AG Barr is turning the tide. The statements Kwan made between 2016 and 2017 have gone unpunished until now. Perhaps Kwan’s reprimand is the beginning of a new era- one in which judges are expected to maintain neutrality and evaluate the application of the law.


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