Leftist Farce: 8 Spelling Bee Champs

While l was traveling back from New York City, I read a headline that read: You won’t BEELIEVE the outcome of the national spelling bee.

The title intrigued me. I wondered if some inner-city public school-educated black kid upset the norm and won the national spelling bee? 

Hell, forget black. Did a public school kid win the national spelling bee?! I don’t remember the last time that happened.

Did some kid of any nationality happen to bring prestige back to the government-schooled kids?

“What could I possibly not BEELIEVE”, I wondered? So I clicked the link to the story.

I learned from the article that there were eight “champions” of the contest. I immediately called bullsh*t, because there can only be ONE champion. That’s not how contests work.

Yet again, Leftists want us to believe everybody gets a trophy. What happened to slugging it out until the glorious end? Did they run out of words to spell? Of course not. But some bonehead moron decided to “make history” by not awarding a real champion.

What next? In the next summer Olympics will they award eight people as winners of all the races?

Every media outlet that reported on this farce did so jubilantly. Look at CBS’ George Stephanopoulos:

Same with CNN:

The kids are shown to be ecstatic over this. Perhaps they are.

But in the old days, these word gladiators would have stayed until the last man stood.

Still, there was more irony.

Of course I knew the winner of the national spelling bee would be a home-schooled Indian kid. That’s just the way things are. Asians, aka Indians win the national spelling bee, just like Asian (Chinese) kids are the curve-busters in STEM classes in college.

As Obama would say, “That’s the new norm”.

So when I saw the pictures of the “champions”, I wasn’t surprised to see 7 Indian kids. But what stuck out like a straight man in San Francisco was this lone white girl. How ’bout that #MeToo movement to get their lone little white girl in the “everybody gets a trophy” picture.

Who is that lone white girl? Is that Hillary Clinton’s niece? Because I’m sorry to break the bad news to America (white America), but white kids don’t win the spelling bee. I wondered if when seeing that a white girl made the Top 8, some powerful white bureaucrat called in a favor.

“Hey NSB President, this is H(illary). What do you think we call the contest now, since my niece can’t get much further? It would look good for public schools.”

So the 2019 National Spelling Bee doesn’t have eight champions. It doesn’t even have ONE champion.

What they did was a disservice to the kid willing to spell his butt of to the glorious, “In your FACE”-gloating end. But we will never know who had the stamina, the perseverance, to outlast all the others.

But such is the world now. A world where kids go untested, unchallenged to see who has the right stuff.


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