Lindsey Graham: DC Swamp Rats RUNNING SCARED

Senator Lindsey Graham is a new man. A born-again Republican. And America has Donald Trump to thank for that.

Sometime during the election cycle of 2016, Graham grew a backbone. Or Trump sent him one that he manufactured…in America!

And Graham now uses that backbone. He’s become an effective mouthpiece for the administration and for truth.

In March, Graham went after Comey. And we shared his newfound backbone.

As Kevin Jackson wrote:

Comey tweeted after the release of the Mueller Report,

So many questions

Graham responded, tweeting,

Could not agree more.

See you soon.

President Trump and his team celebrated the outcome. Then he tweeted,

“It’s a shame that our country has had to go through this. To be honest, it’s a shame that your president has had to go through this”

But Graham wasn’t finished. And he’s prepared to go the long haul.

Time to Declassify

Trump is ready to declassify everything to clear his name, and democrats are running scared.

Recently, the Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-SC) appeared on “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace. In the interview, Graham explained that he believes the former intelligence officials who oppose the declassification of documents relating to the Russia probe “are worried about being exposed.”

“I was one of the Republicans insisting that [Special Counsel Robert] Mueller be allowed to do his job. I never thought it was a witch hunt. The Mueller report is in. No collusion,” Graham said. “You know Mueller didn’t do anything on obstruction. Now I’m insisting that we get to the bottom of this, all of the documents around the FISA warrant application released.

“I want to find out exactly how the counterintelligence operation began,” Graham said. “I think transparency is good for the American people. Not one Democrat seems to care,” Graham said. “I wish some Democrat would come forward to find out if the FISA court was defrauded by the FBI and the Department of Justice.” . . .


Wallaace probed:

“Critics make two points, particularly about this issue of declassifying because these are, after all, the crown jewels of the intelligence community, including, reportedly, the identity of a key informant who was close to Vladimir Putin…Here are the two questions they raise: one, can Barr be trusted with these secrets and two, can he be trusted not to cherry-pick the information to make a case for the president?”

Critics want to know if Barr can be trusted?

How laughable is that, when you consider that Mueller stacked his team with pro-Hillary Clinton, anti-Trump “investigators”. 

Can Barr be trusted? If Mueller can be trusted, then Barr is a freaking saint.

And according to Barr, the Mueller report is riddled with partisanship. Which is why Barr was forced to analyze the report and draw the conclusions Mueller refused to make.

“We didn’t agree with the legal analysis, a lot of the legal analysis in the report,” Barr said. “It did not reflect the views of the department. It was the viewpoint of a particular lawyer or lawyers, so we applied what we saw was the right law.”

Clearly, Barr’s agenda is getting the truth out there, without political bias. As for trust, Wallace should be asking that question of Nadler and Schiff, two anti-Trump leakers and coup plotters. And while Mueller says he’s “resigning to return to private life,” things are just heating up for the democrat fixer.

It’s just a matter of time before America gets the truth. And as many predict, a rude awakening awaits Democrats.

Nobody may care about Obama’s real birth certificate any longer, once they know his role in this coup attempt. And when Obama falls, Democrats fall with him.

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