Mueller Back Peddles: Trump Not Exonerated

After two years of radio silence, Robert Mueller finally speaks up.

And while he’s unable to charge Trump with any crime, Mueller says the President isn’t free and clear.

Clearly, Mueller is feeling a little defensive now that AG Barr criticized Mueller’s inability to make a decision regarding obstruction.

In fact, Barr stepped out on the offense back in April.

We chronicled the story:

“Everyone will soon be able to read it on their own,” Barr wrote.

And that’s what the Democrats fear most. People will soon get to make their own judgments over the attempted coup.

As we know already, their cries of “this report doesn’t exonerate Trump” have fallen on deaf ears. Further, the threat of more investigations on Trump doesn’t poll well.

But the news gets worse, as President Trump agrees to let the report be seen.

“Although the president would have the right to assert privilege over certain parts of the report, he has stated publicly that he intends to defer to me and, accordingly, there are no pans to submit the report to the White House for a privilege review,” Barr wrote.

Clearly the Democrats bet on the strategy that President Trump wouldn’t want the report made public. Obviously this was a flawed tactic, given that Trump professed his innocence since the witch hunt began. So now what?

I say to Democrats, “Hemlock or cyanide…pick your poison.”.

The Democrats finds themselves with two untenable choices. In both scenarios they die an excruciatingly painful death.

But apparently the left hasn’t grasped the gravity of their situation. Oddly, democrats are over the moon! And, they’re cheering on Mueller’s statements as if it’s vindication of their witch hunt.

But before they get too excited, liberals might want to examine Mueller statement more carefully.

Digging In

According to the Associated Press:

Mueller made clear he believed he was restrained from indicting a sitting president — such an action was “not an option.” He did not use the word ‘impeachment” but said it was Congress’ job to hold the president accountable for any wrongdoing.

“If we had had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so,” Mueller said. “We did not however make a determination as to whether the president did commit a crime.”

Mueller’s statement largely echoed the central points of his 448-page report released by the Justice Department last month with some redactions. But his remarks, delivered at the department, were nonetheless extraordinary given that he had never before discussed or characterized his findings and had stayed mute during two years of feverish public speculation.

Mueller, a former FBI director, said his work was complete and he was resigning to return to private life.

So is it time for leftists to break out the confetti and throw a party? I don’t think so. Look at Mueller’s insistence on returning to so-called private life.

How does that work for the man gracing headlines in nearly every news outlets in the country for the past two years?

There’s a lot more to be read in what Mueller doesn’t say.

Mueller warned lawmakers he has no interest in testifying before Congress. Instead, he stands by his report as his only testimony. In other words: “I can’t fix this for you. Go after Trump on your own.” Further, Mueller pointed out “indicting Trump isn’t an option.”

Mueller can call his failure to rule on obstruction a technicality all he wants. But truth be told, the only thing Trump obstructed was a malicious attempted coup.

AP continues:

New York Rep. Jerrold Nadler said it falls to Congress to respond to the “crimes, lies and other wrongdoing of President Trump – and we will do so.”

Of course, we all know the stress of these lies is getting to him. Just look as Congressman Nadler, as he loses it. This clown should be removed from office after his constituents see this video.

On the other hand, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, the Republican chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said that Mueller “has decided to move on and let the report speak for itself. Congress should follow his lead.”

Let Mueller bury his head in the sand and disappear. Because if he actually had anything on Trump, he’d be shouting from the rooftops just to save a little face instead of hiding his answer in a 480 page who-done-it.



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