New Emails Connect Trump Coup to Obama Administration

The walls now close in on Obama and his co-conspirators. While the Left still deny Obama attempted a coup against President Trump, new evidence suggests otherwise.

Judicial Watch uncovered 339 emails involving Nellie Ohr. These emails reveal that Nellie Ohr commingled her marriage and politics when she sent anti-Trump research directly to official Department of Justice email accounts.

“They clearly show that Ohr sent reams of open-source intelligence to her husband, Associate Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr, and on some occasions to at least three DOJ prosecutors: Lisa Holtyn, Ivana Nizich and Joseph Wheatley,” Solomon said.

“Such overt political content flowing into the email accounts of a DOJ charged with the nonpartisan mission of prosecuting crimes is jarring enough. It raises additional questions about potential conflicts of interest when it is being injected by a spouse working as a Democratic contractor trying to defeat Trump,” he continued.

While sending emails to her husband looks bad, the scandal goes much deeper.

Soon even the most delusional Democrats will realize that the Steele dossier represented a complete work of fiction. Nevertheless, Nellie and Bruce Ohr pushed the debunked Trump dossier, ergo the obviously false narrative about the Russians colluding with Trump.

More from Judicial Watch:

“For instance, just 24 days after the anti-Trump screed was emailed, both Ohrs met in Washington with British intelligence operative Christopher Steele,” Solomon said. “She said she learned that Steele had concerns that he hoped the DOJ or FBI would investigate, with help from her husband.”

“The next day, Bruce Ohr used his official DOJ position to go to then-Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe with Steele’s allegations (later to become known as the Steele dossier), and the bureau opened its first investigation into Russia collusion,” he said.

Amazing timing?

It’s only a matter of time before the truth comes out. And unlike most DC scandals, this one will happen in very short order.

Understand that President Trump knows how ineffective he will be should he not expose the Left. So game on.

The first clue

First, Trump’s shift in the lingo. Trump went from “witch hunt” to “con jobs” in describing the Mueller investigation.

Trump then coined the phrase, “No collusion, no obstruction”.

Shortly thereafter, the president called Adam “Pencil Neck” Schiff, a political hack. And finally, he called disgraced former FBI Director James Comey “amoral”.

This is the strongest language used by the president in some time. And it will get worse.

The second clue – Trump family lawsuits.

We reported,

Last week, President Trump filed a lawsuit against Democratic House Oversight Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings.

As we predicted, it was only the first wave of litigation from Trump.

After the release of the Mueller Report, Democrats declared war on the President. First Cummings issued subpoena requesting information about Trump’s personal finances.

However, Trump has no legal obligation to release his tax returns or any of his personal financial information.

Trump’s lawyer in the lawsuit, William Consovoy, said in a statement that the attempt by Cummings’ committee to “obtain years’ worth of confidential information from their accountants lacks any legitimate legislative purpose, is an abuse of power, and is just another example of overreach by the president’s political opponents.”

The third clue – Democrats’ desperation.

What happened to the 81 people the Democrats wanted to question?

And where is Congressman Adam Schiff’s information he promised prior to release of the Mueller Report?

Democrats claim to want to get to the truth, but that actually the last thing Democrats want. They demanded Barr appear before Congress, and he made Democrats look stupid. Now Democrats claim to want to interview Mueller.

I offer this advice: careful is the naked man who hurdles a barbed-wire fence.

Soon the Ohrs will sing. And so will many others. Some believe Leftists are singing so much panick-filled voices can be heard all over DC.



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