NY Times Latest Big Trump FLOP

Democrats really want Trump’s taxes. This despite their first swing at the plate when MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow got them.

Watch just 2 minutes of this segment as a reminder of the desperation of Democrats.

Ouch! That segment of “TV” remains painful to watch even for those who cheer against that dude Maddow.

Now the big reveal for Round Two is that a billionaire lost money during a period of his life?!

The Atlantic references the Times’ article, attempting to mock Trump.

Over the course of a decade beginning in the mid-1980s, Donald Trump publicly presented himself as a highly successful entrepreneur even as he claimed business losses exceeding $1 billion, The New York Times reported on Tuesday. “Over all,” the newspaper explained, “Mr. Trump lost so much money that he was able to avoid paying income taxes for eight of the 10 years.”

The scoop reflects poorly on Trump, who willfully misled the public for a decade in hopes of fraudulently representing himself as a man with a Midas touch. But he could not have succeeded without the assistance of many Americans, some mercenary, others over-credulous, who helped to spread the deceit and deception, generating countless newspaper articles, magazine stories, and TV segments that misinformed the public about the publicity hound’s record in business.

New evidence of his staggering losses in that decade therefore provides an apt occasion to reflect on the media’s complicity in Trump’s brazen deceit and deception.

Tony Schwartz, the ghostwriter who penned The Art of the Deal, has already apologized for falsely portraying the huckster from Queens as “a charmingly brash entrepreneur with an unfailing knack for business,” telling The New Yorker, “I put lipstick on a pig. I feel a deep sense of remorse that I contributed to presenting Trump in a way that brought him wider attention and made him more appealing than he is.”

Somebody must tell The Atlantic and the Times that Trump merely played the tax game.

Unlike Leftists, Conservatives make no bones about paying less taxes. We can and will take advantage of the tax code, because that’s what the “loopholes” are for. If you are allowed a deduction, you TAKE IT.

But if they really want to look at losses, look at the American taxpayer, courtesy of almost any company backed by Obama.

It not good to speak in absolutes, but is there any “green” energy company backed by Obama who succeeded?

And what about GM? Given $50 billion American taxpayer greenbacks, and only paid back $40 billion. Anybody want to speculate what Trump would do with a “government gift” of $10 billion free dollars?

Trump admits to his 4 professional bankruptcies. He rightfully faults the system that allows such business activities to fall on the backs of taxpayers. But he doesn’t blame himself for playing by the rules. And neither do most Americans.

Risk-takers must be given some latitude or nobody will take risks. And a society who doesn’t reward risk-takers will perish.

Another embarrassing overreach for Leftists.

The idea that Trump “faked” his way to being a billionaire shows Leftist desperation. Go to quite a few major American cities, and you will find a Trump building. And that building is worth a lot. Further, I don’t know how you are living, but the only people I know who fly around in custom 747s are billionaires.

How do the Times and other Leftist rags believe Trump made his fortune?

At least Trump didn’t get rich on the backs of starving Haitians and African countries. Nor did he get rich by becoming president, and getting hefty book deals after the fact.

So let the Left continue looking for controversy. Their nonsense chases more Democrats form their party, and gives Trump more of an advantage in 2020.




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