Pelosi Reminds Me of 146-Year Old Man Who Died

I find it hard to believe that a person in Indonesia lived to be 146. But it’s supposedly true.

At least according to the BBC:

The Indonesian man who claimed to be 146 years old – the longest living human ever – has died in his village in Central Java.

According to his papers, Sodimedjo, also known as Mbah Ghoto (grandpa Ghoto), was born in December 1870.

But Indonesia only started recording births in 1900 – and there have been mistakes before.

Yet officials told the BBC his papers were valid, based on documents he provided and interviews with him.

He was taken to hospital on 12 April because of deteriorating health. Six days later he insisted on checking out to return home.

Here’s where Pelosi comes in.

First, I think Pelosi is actually older than this man! Frankly, I want to see some ID.

Even if Pelosi isn’t as old as Ghoto, she may very well out-live the man. I’m guessing Vegas odds have her at 3 to 1 for her to make it to 150.

Leftists would sell their souls to live to 150. Can you imagine what they would pay for that? And what would they invest in an elixir promising such results? Which brings me to point number two.

From the woman who went from $12 million net worth in 2008 to over $35 million in 2010, you know she would see the investment opportunity.

The medical benefits of Ghoto would be tremendous. And you can bet they wouldn’t go unnoticed on Pelosi. If indeed the man lived to be 146, you know Pelosi and her Hollyweirdo friends want to know how.

My bet is Pelosi likely asked Indonesia to study Ghoto–without his permission of course. And if researchers can find out his secret to longevity, you know Pelosi will invest in the companies. She would consider this another opportunity to grow her portfolio.

Thus point three: study Ghoto in the name of science and how this could improve America’s healthcare.

Democrats hate America’s healthcare system. Because prior to Obamacare, America provided the best healthcare in the world. Now, Leftists can point to the Indonesian healthcare system: the healthcare system that allowed Ghoto to make it to 146.

Ironically, Ghoto claimed to be a big smoker. All the more proof for Pelosi that America’s healthcare system pales in comparison to Indonesia. They can keep smokers alive to 146, Son!

But I’m guessing Pelosi would explain that Ghoto lived to be 146 thanks to Obamacare.






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