Study: ObamaCare Endangered 133 MILLION Americans

The American Cancer Society released the raw real numbers about Obamacare. And it’s not good news. In fact, it’s really bad news.

The panacea Obamacare supposedly represented, failed to materialize. And as I’ve said since the inception of that hideous money-grab, Obamacare endangered lives. In fact, the legislation killed people.

Because the costs prevented many people from getting insurance. Many who had insurance before could no longer afford it, under Obamacare. Those who did get Obamacare found out the hidden costs.

Outrageous deductibles and copays rendered the “insurance” little more than a tax. And now we get confirmation of what most of us already knew.

A study conducted by researchers from the American Cancer Society has discovered that 137.1 million Americans suffered “medical financial hardship in the past year”.  The following comes directly from the study

Approximately 137.1 million (95% CI 132.7–141.5) adults reported any medical financial hardship in the past year. Hardship is more common for material, psychological and behavioral domains in adults aged 18–64 years (28.9%, 46.9%, and 21.2%, respectively) than in adults aged ≥ 65 years (15.3%, 28.4%, and 12.7%, respectively; all p < .001).

So the study suggests that people suffered in mostly in the psychological areas. So in other words, Obamacare drove people crazy.

Again, consider how millions who lost their healthcare plans and doctors felt about just that part. Then, after the broken promises, these people then received medical insurance bills that doubled, even tripled?

Finally, what far too many Americans figured out about Obamacare (the hard way) is using the insurance would be costly.

In my case, we figured out that between payments and deductibles, we would be out of roughly $34,000 before our insurance kicked in.

The study continues,

Lower educational attainment and more health conditions were strongly associated with hardship intensity in multivariable analyses in both age groups (p < .001). In the younger group, the uninsured were more likely to report multiple domains of hardship (52.8%), compared to those with some public (26.5%) or private insurance (23.2%) (p < .001). In the older group, individuals with Medicare only were more likely to report hardship in multiple domains (17.1%) compared to those with Medicare and public (12.1%) or Medicare and private coverage (10.1%) (p < .001).

In short, Obamacare punished youth and old people the most.

Even knowing that, Leftists continue to fight for Obamacare. That fact proves how insane Leftists are.

The good news is that Obamacare is pretty much gone. The even better news is that we will soon have additional choices in healthcare coverage.

However, the best news is that President Trump will overhaul insurance in such a way that our costs will lower and we will ultimately get better coverage. He can get to this soon, unencumbered. Because Democrats are damaged goods.

Thankfully, Democrats lied to such an extreme, nothing they have said will be believed. Those lies will soon allow Trump all the runway he needs to get things done.

133 million Americans shouldn’t be afraid to use their healthcare. That fear is the true legacy of Obamacare.

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