Trump: “I will be declassifying EVERYTHING”

I imagine the shock waves being felt by Obama and his minions right now.

That’s because President Trump sent the most stern warning to the DC swamp rats so far in his administration.

According to The Daily Mail:

President Donald Trump claimed on Thursday that it’s likely former FBI Director James Comey led an effort to spy on his campaign in 2016.

He didn’t set a firm timetable on Fox News for declassifying the materials related to the FISA warrants, saying he would do it ‘soon, I mean whenever they need it.’

‘I will be declassifying, yes.’ he said. ‘Everything.’

Then the President blasted Comey. In a New York Times op-ed, Trump called him “amoral”.

This is the toughest language the president has used, since referring to the Mueller investigation as a “con job”. Now to openly target Comey, calling him “amoral” shows that Trump upped the ante.

Let’s see how Obama and Biden see their administration once Trump backs up his threat of declassifying everything. Put another way, I believe they will soon moonwalk their comments of being a “no scandal” administration.

Honestly, I believe the president likely sent this message to see the rats scurry. When a statement like that is issued, usually the issuer knows to monitor all communications.

Try to imagine all the people involved in the attempted coup of Trump. There must be dozens, if not hundreds.

Now imagine a redirected Department of Justice monitoring those people.

I realize that getting FISA warrants and other such legalities might be difficult for the Trump administration due to Obama holdovers. Nevertheless, I believe some DC Democrats sense their vulnerabilities. It’s best to get ahead of the impending doom, and turn state’s evidence.

I predicted this would happen. Not long ago I mentioned that President Trump has gone from pseudo-defense to outright offense. He went from “witch hunt” to “con job”. That slight change in the lexicon provided all the warning some Democrats needed. And while many Democrats still believe what they attempted was for the “greater good”, many others have gotten their sanity.


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