Twitter Blatantly Ignores Leftist Hate Speech

Recently, many conservatives were banned from Twitter, including Alex Jones, James Woods, Milo Yiannopoulos and Louis Farrakhan. According to Twitter, it was “hate speech” they were banning.

However, the truth is Twitter didn’t ban hate speech. Twitter banned conservative values. When faced with vile speech from a leftist, their answer was “we cannot comment on specific pages.”

Once again, the leftist hypocrisy shines brighter than the sun. This time, Hollyweirdo Jim Carrey used abortion-themed art to spread the hate.

The “Dumb and Dumber” star often tweets his artwork. And this time, he took aim at the Alabama Governor after Alabama passed new, more restrictive legislation regarding abortion. Carrey featured Al. Governor Kay Ivey, who signed the strict law, as the victim of an abortion.

“I think If you’re going to terminate a pregnancy, it should be done sometime before the fetus becomes Governor of Alabama,” Carrey wrote.

Carrey didn’t get the response he obviously expected. In fact, his tweet seemed to completely backfire.

Tweeters Respond

Conservatives wasted absolutely no time responding.

Then, the big name conservatives weighed in.

And here’s where it gets really funny. Kathy Griffith decided to weigh-in with a jeer for Ted Cruz. Yes, the lady who lost her Squatty Potty endorsement because she was too full of sh*t for even leftists to keep around.

It is just me, or does Griffin seem a little bitter?

Twitter Me This

But my real question is why won’t Twitter take action against true hate speech?

According to Fox News:

Twitter states in its rules under “hateful conduct” that the company will permanently suspend any account that includes a “violent threat…incites fears, or reduces someone to less than human,” and under “glorification of violence,” a user will be suspended for “specific threats of violence or wishing for serious physical harm, death, or disease to an individual or group of people.”

Yet, when pressed on the matter of Carrey calling for the death of the Alabama governor, Twitter refused to comment. Once again, the platform proves they don’t care about Free Speech. Nor do they care about Hate Speech. The only thing Twitter cares about is promoting the leftist hypocrisy.



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