Black Democrats and ‘Thug Worship’

Leftist blacks accuse black Conservatives of being sellouts. They claim that black Conservatives are not “down for the cause”. That’s code for, “Even when black people do bad, support them”.

So if a black man commits a heinous black crime, even against other blacks, we make excuses. I documented this curious oddity in my book Race Pimping.

So when a black thug got killed in Memphis, the support rolled in.

Police shot and killed black man Brandon Webber. And despite the fact that Brandon Webber deserved, repeat deserved to be shot and killed, black people need to riot.

Matt Miller of The Daily Caller explains.

Webber responded to a Facebook ad put out by the victim to sell his car. The two then went for a test drive of the vehicle on Monday, June 3. As the victim stepped out of the car, Webber reportedly shot him five times before driving away. The victim is still alive and is currently in the hospital, DeSoto County District Attorney General John Champion told reporters at a press conference, according to ABC News.

Do you think these Democrat-trained Negroes care one iota for the innocent victim who only wanted to sell his car?

Of course not. As Webber obviously needed the car more than the actual owner.

Anyway, after the shooting police got involve. I guess what I’m saying is the cops didn’t randomly select Webber to torment.

The article continues,

A federal fugitive task force was seeking Webber in Memphis on multiple arrest warrants related to his alleged involvement in the shooting. Webber reportedly crashed his vehicle into police cars Wednesday night, starting an altercation that would result in his death.

So in other words, when police closed in on a man guilty of theft and attempted murder who rammed their cars, Webber put up a fight.

Next, police shot the man.

Webber’s death ignited anti-police riots across the Memphis. In the melee 36 police officers were injured, six of whom were hospitalized, according to ABC News.

The mayor of Memphis Jim Strickland reported that several police cars were vandalized during the rioting, and the windows of a fire station were shattered.

Rioters reportedly threw rocks and bricks at police, prompting the use of tear gas by police to break up the crowds. All of this for a thug who tried to kill an innocent man.

So I ask black Leftists, “What the hell is wrong with you clowns?!”

Who stands up for a thug like this? This goes beyond reason and logic to an obscene place.

Police did their job…period!

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