Democrats Concerned: REAL Reason AG Barr Replaced John Huber

John Durham looks like Doc Holliday. And he will likely prove to be just as deadly for Democrats.

Attorney General Bill Barr put Durham on the case.

According to Fox News:

The Connecticut U.S. attorney assigned by Attorney General Bill Barr to investigate the origins of the Russia probe is “very dialed in” and “asking all the right questions,” according to multiple sources familiar with the matter.

Separately, sources within the Justice Department confirmed to Fox News that Barr has met “on multiple occasions in recent weeks” with Durham, who was in Washington, D.C., this month.

Fox News has learned that Durham has been getting briefed on the “four corners” of the investigations into the FBI’s use of Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrants, among other issues. Barr appointed Durham, 68, last month.

News of Durham’s high level of engagement in the probe comes days after Barr said he has not received answers from the intelligence community that were “at all satisfactory” in the early stages of his review into the origins of the Russia investigation.

“In fact probably have more questions, and some of the facts that I’ve learned don’t hang together with the official explanations of what happened,” Barr told CBS News in an interview.

Durham is specifically reviewing the FISA warrant obtained by the FBI to surveil former Trump aide Carter Page, as well as general issues relating to surveillance during the 2016 campaign and matters flowing from the FISA process. Fox News is told Durham would handle the prosecution of any criminal action he might uncover.

Why the switch from Huber to Durham?

During the CBS interview, Barr revealed that Durham picked up the FISA and surveillance components from Utah U.S. Attorney John Huber, whose work was put on hold pending DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s findings from his ongoing review. Huber, Barr said, “was essentially on standby” in case Horowitz “referred a matter to him to be handled criminally.”

But is this really the case?

Earlier in the year, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) joined others in calling for the appointment of a Special Counsel to investigate the Justice Department’s role in the 2016 campaign. In their request, they referred to the “double standard” of how Trump and his satellites were treated.

Politico published an account by one innocent victim, former Trump campaign advisor Mike Caputo. The article, titled “Death Threats and Drained Bank Accounts: Life on the Wrong End of the Mueller Probe,” discusses what happens when Democrats act with a “take no prisoners” mentality.

Uranium One and the obvious pay-for-play schemes by the Clinton Foundation? Please.

Huber, an Obama appointee, supposedly worked in collaboration with the Justice Department Inspector General. But what got accomplished? Almost two years of investigations should have made the Hillary Clinton case a slam dunk.

As The Daily Caller reported on Huber:

Huber, the U.S. attorney in Utah, was appointed by Barr’s predecessor, Jeff Sessions, in March 2018 to investigate whether the FBI and Justice Department’s handling of the politically-charged Trump and Clinton investigations.

One focus of the probe was whether the FBI misled the federal surveillance court in applications for spy warrants against Carter Page.

But Huber has conducted his investigation largely out of public view, leading to widespread speculation about what he was actually doing. Even members of Congress have questioned what Huber was investigating, or if he was leading an investigation at all. House Republicans sent Huber a letter asking him about the status of his investigation in January.

“Your investigation has been ongoing for over nine months,” Republican Reps. Doug Collins, Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows wrote Huber on Jan. 7.

“During the course of our extensive investigation we have interviewed more than a dozen current and former DOJ and FBI personnel, and were surprised to hear none of these potentially informative witnesses testified to speaking with you.”

If this is true, then who has Huber questioned? The Michelin Man? Sasquatch? The YETI?!

In an interview with CBS News, Barr offered that Huber is currently wrapping up an investigation related to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Further, he has not been involved for months in anything related to the Russia probe.

“The other issues he’s been working on relate to Hillary Clinton. Those are winding down and hopefully we’ll be in a position to bring those to fruition,” said Barr, who did not describe the Clinton probe.

Huber was also initially tasked with reviewing the surveillance warrant applications taken out against former Trump campaign adviser Page. And yet again the American people have no official findings on what should be an open and shut case.

To understand the circle-jerk America has been put through, read this part of the DC article:

But Huber was sidelined while Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz investigated the surveillance issue, according to Barr.

“And he was essentially on standby in case Mr. Horowitz referred a matter to him to be handled criminally,” Barr told CBS.

Barr told Congress in April that he expected Horowitz’s investigation to wrap up this month or next.

This is called “Passing the Buck meets Who’s on First.”

In short, Huber, Horowitz, and Wray all stall for their political cronies.

Back to Durham

He brought down the crooked FBI before. And he’s Trump’s appointment. I believe Barr recognized that Huber and Horowitz remain part of the Deep State. These two have been slow-walking results, likely hoping Democrats would gain ground with impeachment or other nonsense.

Unfortunately for them, Trump is impervious to the stupid plots of Democrats. And now Democrats have one less swamp rat running interference.



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