Democrats FURIOUS: Best Trump Re-Election Poll

In what must infuriate Democrats, President Trump suffers not in polling.

No matter what lies Democrats tell or plots against Trump they launch, Trump emerges looking like the cat’s meow.

And it’s only going to get better…for Trump. Almost every pundit and pollster has Trump winning in 2020.

For example, according to a CNN poll released recently, a majority of Americans believe President Trump will be reelected next year.

The survey, conducted by SSRS from May 28 to May 31, shows that 54 percent of respondents say Trump will win a second term in office. For those wondering, 41 percent say he will be defeated in 2020. These numbers have practically flipped for the man Democrats said brought the lowest poll numbers into the White House of any modern president.

That was then, this is now. The article actually states something similar to what I just said.

The figures are a near reversal from a similar CNN poll conducted in March 2018, when 40 percent of respondents predicted he would be reelected and 54 percent said he wouldn’t.

The most recent poll shows Trump scoring his highest marks on his handling of the economy, with 52 percent approving and 70 percent saying the economy is in good shape.

Say what? Only a few months ago Trump was upside down in the poll numbers?

What’s happened, right? So where do I start?

Going in reverse order, Democrats torpedoed their chances for the presidency with the Russian collusion farce. Post-Mueller Report–a report intentionally delayed to allow Democrats the chance to win the House and Senate and therefore impeach Trump–Democrats haven’t a leg to stand on.

They’ve been weakened in all critical areas.

The economy soars. And pretty much everything Trump touches turns to gold. Barack Obama’s legacy thankfully lies in waste.

The media can’t help Democrats. Both have been hit with so much self-imposed bomb Shrapnel their credibility is shot.

Now, all President Trump must do is keep the economy moving. Don’t worry. That’s why we rely on God, attorneys, and Trump.

The economy won’t slow down and neither will Trump. However, Democrats won’t be able to say that. Particularly if Sleepy Creepy Joe Biden wins their nomination.

Biden is weak. As Trump properly noted, Biden has no stamina; likely less than Jeb Bush. Worse, Biden campaigns horribly. Actually, he’s worse than Hillary Clinton.

I could give you a plethora of reasons why Biden loses, but who cares. I honestly don’t believe Democrats will pick Biden. He has a tendency to self-destruct, and he will again soon.

But Trump won’t need it. 71 percent of people say they can get a job now. The best Obama ever got in the same index was 45 percent, lower the George Bush, 48 percent.

Expect the polls to continue to deliver great news to Trump. Eventually Democrats will see the writing on the wall.


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