Democrats Must DEMORALIZE America to Win

Democrats abuse America like a wife-beater. They literally attempt to beat the country into submission, blows coming from all directions.

Make no mistake about it, Democrats know they are nuttier than squirrel sh*t. But they don’t care. When they get home from gambling or drinking, America gets another ass-kicking…period.

And it doesn’t matter how well-behaved America attempts to be, as there is no pleasing a Democrat. The house could be spotless, the kids all making As, and Democrats will find some reason to put their foot up America’s ass.

Because Democrats hate America. And they don’t even hate her deep down, but up front and in her face.

They hate her for overcoming her flaws, improving herself. Democrats love reminding America of how she was. “Remember when you had zits all over your face? Remember when you were fat?!”

So what America had and continues to have problems. She deals with them, address them and Leftists hate her for it.

“Why you using that stuff on your face and working out. You planning on LEAVING ME?!”

As a matter of fact, “Hell YES!”

Democrats must demoralize this country in order to make it seem that they care. They beat America, then give her flowers to make up for the beatings. Here’s an example.

Democrats treat illegals better than citizens. They actually fight to allow illegal immigration, so interlopers can take advantage of a system built by others. So what if America’s poor need these services they’ve been paying into all their lives.

And who are taxpayers to complain? The government should be able to determine to whom the money goes.

What about when these illegals break our laws? Democrats refuse to prosecute for the very same laws citizens go to jail for breaking.

Next, Democrats love watching illegals march in parades in “sanctuary cities”, literally flipping the finger to citizens. Democrats protect these trespassers, with idiotic claims of their cash-positive impact on communities and other nonsense. Meanwhile, liberals look for ways to get these non-contributors voter registration cards.

It would be one thing to allow them in, but to see illegals complete disdain for Americans, flipping the bird, actually makes Democrats proud.

Democrats’ message to legal immigrants? SCREW YOU! What putzes they are to wait in line for years for the possibility of becoming true Americans.

But illegals are just one example. Look at what Democrats do to blacks.

The most demeaning actions by Democrats happen to blacks. They infantilize blacks, and embarrassingly so. Democrats have blacks so twisted, we riot on behalf of felons, like they did recently for a man who shot an innocent man in a carjacking.

And what of this farce on reparations? Democrats know reparations will never pass, nor should they. But when it’s close to election time, dems dust off the manual on Black Leftist Stupidity, turn to the chapter on Reparations, and begin anew.

Tired retreads of the cyclical discussions. Because Leftists have nothing new. However, they remain desperate for a win. They will do anything to keep the gravy train going.

Trust me, Leftists at the top believe none of their hype. For them, it’s all about the money. They don’t live their lies, only sell them to the lowest common denominator: Leftist voters.

But their days are limited. America has grown up. She’s like Farrah Fawcett in Burning Bush, where she set her abuser on fire. In 2020, Democrats are about to see the house burned down while they’re still inside.


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