Disgraced James Comey Seeks LGBTQ Support

Disgraced former FBI Director James Comey’s desperation shows. He hopes the LGBTQ lobby can literally save his ass.

James Comey tweeted about Gay Pride Month wearing a rainbow-themed shirt with FBI: Fidelity Bravery Integrity. Interestingly, Comey exhibits none of the things in the acronym.

My first thought in seeing the shirt was, “This is not the shirt I would be wearing if I were headed to prison. But to each his own.”

Comey tweeted:

Happy everybody

And he’s PROUD OF IT?

A little late, huh James? It’s June 8, so the tweet feels more like an afterthought. Better late than never to show his supposed support of the LGBTQ movement.

Let’s all say it together…”PANDER!”

Comey uses Twitter often to market the idea of Fidelity Bravery Integrity. Apparently he really wants to convince himself that he epitomizes those character traits. Nobody’s fooled.

Social media jumped Comey again.

Granite tweeted about Comey, adding to my earlier comment about prison.

Hey Jamesy…. that will be a perfect shirt for you to wear in PRISON… tick toc ….


Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch tweeted to Comey. Fitton wore a red shirt that read:

Because no one is above the law!

Some asked if Comey was “coming out.” After all, he’s PROUD OF IT.

I quipped that Comey will soon be coming out, whether he likes it or not.

Many of the respondents shared the view of John Wishbone who tweeted:

Look forward to your indictment

My bet is that most Americans look forward not only to Comey’s indictment, but his arrest. And despite what some people may think, Comey will one day see the inside of a prison. Many of his former FBI employees will join him.

Maybe Comey will get more in touch with his feminine side in prison. Then he can celebrate Gay Pride Month every day.


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