DNC Continues Digging Its OWN Grave

Pretty soon the DNC will need to sign a DNR: do not resuscitate. This group seems hell bent on suicide.

Mueller inadvertently and against their wishes exposed the ruse of the DNC. Yet, the Democrats press on.

First, according to Fox News the DNC continues with its frivolous lawsuit.

The Democratic National Committee is still pressing forward with a lawsuit alleging the Trump campaign actively colluded with Russia and WikiLeaks to steal and publish DNC emails — but the campaign is citing the Mueller report itself to argue they have no case.

Understand that the Democrats knew prior to the investigation that Russian collusion was a ruse. They knew that Hillary Clinton’s campaign paid for a fake dossier. Further, they knew that the crooked Comey-led FBI helped plot against Trump, as did the CIA and NSA.

Knowing all this, the DNC maintains their frivolous lawsuit in order to save face.

The article continues,

Calling the DNC’s claim “frivolous,” the Trump campaign even asked the judge to hit the party with monetary sanctions.

I hope Trump’s team bankrupts the DNC, getting at least the cost of the investigation paid back to the Trump campaign. Then, in a real show of patriotism for America and disdain for Democrats, Trump donates the money to the Treasury.

The article continues,

“Suffice to say, that assumption did not pan out,” the Trump campaign said Tuesday in a court filing. “Quite the opposite: Special Counsel Mueller’s historically expensive investigation definitively refuted the notion that the Campaign conspired or in any way coordinated with Russia. …

“In short, since the DNC’s frivolous legal theories have now been exposed as resting on frivolous factual fantasies, these are two independent reasons to terminate this sham political litigation before it does even more harm.”

What happens when this fails?

I’ve already foretold the future for Democrats. Their party will end up on the dong heap of history.

Never has our Republic been attacked so blatantly and dishonestly. In the end, no Democrat escapes the blast zone, and many will scurry to the other side of the aisle.

Watch over the next few months how Democrats begin behaving. Many will distance themselves from the tactics of the party. Then, the blame game will begin.

Next, expect defections; perhaps even at high levels.

Finally, they will turn on each other, saying things like, “I never agreed to this type of behavior”.

Trump will hammer them. He will be rightfully relentless in his attacks on them. Thus, Trump will insure as he has said. [Pp] “Something like this should never happen to another president”.

Democrats pushed things a bit too far. As their nefarious plot fell apart, their desperation grew.

Under normal political circumstances, we may never have learned of their treachery. But America had God on our side, and we defeated the enemy within.


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