FBI Director Wray: Just another DC Swamp Rat

What do you know about crooked James Comey’s FBI replacement?

Let me save you some research: Wray is crooked too.

President Trump called the DC swamp rat out after Wray suggested there was no spying on the Trump campaign.

Donald Trump told reporters Tuesday he “didn’t understand” FBI Director Christopher Wray’s “ridiculous” answer that the FBI didn’t spy when looking into then-candidate Trump’s ties to Russia during the 2016 election.

“I didn’t understand [Wray’s] answer,” Trump told reporters on the White House lawn. “I thought the attorney general answered it perfectly. So I certainly didn’t understand that answer. I thought it was a ridiculous answer.”

And now we learn that Wray refuses to cooperate with his boss on the recent investigations.

According to reporter Paul Sperry, Republican House representatives suspect Wray may be involved in a cover-up to protect members in the FBI.

Sperry tweeted:

“House GOP leadership has soured on Comey replacement Wray. They r now convinced Wray’s not part of the FBI cleanup & not cooperating w AG Barr & is in fact part of the cover-up of #SpyGate scandal after burying documents & refusing to make people available for interview”

But it’s not just the GOP leadership who has soured.

On June 6, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff threatened to subpoena FBI Director Christopher Wray. Don’t worry, as Schiff just issued an idle threat. He really doesn’t want Wray to testify.

The threat was a shot over the bow for Wray to tighten up his story or face the consequences. Understand that at this point, Democrats have many of their people over a barrel. After all, almost all of the Obama administration obstructed justice in the coup plot against either candidate or President Trump.

So now Schiff threatens Wray for what he says is the bureau’s failure to inform Congress about the status of a counterintelligence investigation into links between President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign and Russia. You know, the collusion that never occurred.

“We’re running out of patience,” said Schiff

Schiff complains because he claims to have sought the information for months and has been rebuffed, despite requirements that the FBI keep Congress apprised of counterintelligence matters.

But Wray has a problem. He can’t manufacture any new “evidence” against President Trump. Also, all the evidence points to Democrats. Wray finds himself trapped between the proverbial rock and a hard place.

Schiff said:

“If we don’t get an answer soon, we’ll be issuing subpoenas.”

So Wray lied about spying. And the Inspector General’s report looms. Thus Wray finds himself in big trouble.

Consider that John Huber, a person with whom Wray worked very closely, has been replaced. And the reasons appear suspicious as well.

Huber Switch

I recently explained the switch from Huber to John Durham, the man who will finally bring Clinton down.

Huber, an Obama appointee, supposedly worked in collaboration with the Justice Department Inspector General. So where’s the list of accomplishments? Almost two years of investigations should have made the Hillary Clinton case a slam dunk.

Instead, Huber conducted his investigation largely out of public view, leading to widespread speculation about what he was actually doing. Even members of Congress have questioned what Huber was investigating, or if he was leading an investigation at all. House Republicans sent Huber a letter asking him about the status of his investigation in January.

“Your investigation has been ongoing for over nine months,” Republican Reps. Doug Collins, Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows wrote Huber on Jan. 7.

“During the course of our extensive investigation we have interviewed more than a dozen current and former DOJ and FBI personnel, and were surprised to hear none of these potentially informative witnesses testified to speaking with you.”

If this is true, then who has Huber questioned? The Michelin Man? Sasquatch? The YETI?!

In an interview with CBS News, Barr offered that Huber is currently wrapping up an investigation related to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Further, he has not been involved for months in anything related to the Russia probe.

“The other issues he’s been working on relate to Hillary Clinton. Those are winding down and hopefully we’ll be in a position to bring those to fruition,” said Barr, who did not describe the Clinton probe.

Huber was also initially tasked with reviewing the surveillance warrant applications taken out against former Trump campaign adviser Page. And yet again the American people have no official findings on what should be an open and shut case.

To understand the circle-jerk America has been put through, read this part of the DC article:

But Huber was sidelined while Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz investigated the surveillance issue, according to Barr.

“And he was essentially on standby in case Mr. Horowitz referred a matter to him to be handled criminally,” Barr told CBS.

Barr told Congress in April that he expected Horowitz’s investigation to wrap up this month or next.

This is called “Passing the Buck meets Who’s on First.”

In short, Huber, Horowitz, and Wray all stall for their political cronies.

After two and a half years of nonsense, things are about to get interesting, as the DC Swamp Rats have run out of smoke and mirrors.


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