FBI Investigator LIED: What the Left Planned for Trump

Talk about a story playing out almost exactly as the Left planned it.

The Left plotted the same demise for Trump as they did in the case of Missouri’s former governor Eric Greitens.

Let me begin by saying that Donald Trump is a very different man than Eric Greitens. Trump earned the spotlight. Greitens schemed for it.

You can tell the difference between people who crave attention and those who command attention. Trump obviously is the latter, Greitens the former.

Greitens orchestrated his life with smoke and mirrors. I know, he was a Navy SEAL. Yes, I’ve worked with many and becoming a SEAL is an accomplishment. But Greitens did it for what he knew people would think of him. Take it from me, there are a few deadbeat SEALs, I’m sad to report.

Greitens “built” a life. Reputation (of SEALs), then leveraging that reputation to build a non-profit. Next, political life.

So Greitens leveraged the work of helping veterans into accolades. Those accolades led to more accolades, and ultimately an appearance in 40 Under 40. You can bet Greitens got help acquiring that distinction.

With reputation intact, wife and kids, a political career launched.

What Greitens didn’t tell people was his stellar reputation was a house of cards. Mistress(es) and other peccadilloes yet to be uncovered. Democrats certainly did their homework. And they targeted Greitens where they knew he was most vulnerable.

In the end, they got their man.

And this was the same fate that awaited Donald Trump at the national level. But as AP reports, there were flaws in the investigation:

A former FBI agent who was involved in the criminal investigation of former Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens has been indicted as part of a perjury investigation.

William Tisaby turned himself in Monday, on the same day that an indictment against him was unsealed. He is charged with seven felonies stemming from allegations that he lied during a deposition.

Tisaby was hired last year by St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner to investigate allegations that Greitens took a compromising photo of a woman and threatened to share it if she exposed their affair in 2015, a year before the Republican was elected governor. The criminal charge against Greitens was eventually dropped but he resigned in June.

Note the similarities. Crooked former FBI agent. Perjury. But that’s where the similarities end. Because Trump couldn’t be more different from Greitens.

Trump didn’t seek public office to feather his nest or gain in stature. He wanted to do a better job. No “office-hopping,” as Trump went for the gusto, aka POTUS right out of the gate.

I suspect the state of Missouri had the drop on Greitens, and he was guilty. But apparently they didn’t do things according to the law.

In Trump’s case, he’s simply not guilty. And you can bet under no circumstances will he quit. Trump may not be a Navy SEAL, but he won’t ring that bell either.

Greitens rang the bell. He tapped out. And it appears he tapped out too soon. Why now are they just getting around to spilling the beans on the crooked investigator? I sense that somebody is cleaning up their mess.

As for Democrats, Greitens represents a cautionary tale. The truth came out about the investigator, and that doesn’t look good for Gardner. In the case of Trump’s truth, he remains in office, and you can bet the truth won’t hurt him. But his truth will kill the Democrats politically.




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