Hollyweirdo Will No Longer LAMPOON Trump


President Trump continues winning and not just with China, Iran, and so on. His winning reaches farther and wider than most Leftists care to admit.

Imagine being an anti-Trump anything in the post-Mueller Report era.

After only three years, Trump eliminated the stench of Obama as President of the United States. Despite the damage done by Obama, Trump managed to fumigate the White House, particularly the Oval Office.

Trump rocks. And he performs so well, he conflicts even the most ardent Democrats. More of them move right daily as Trump continues to showcase what real leadership looks like.

I wrote of Trump’s ultimatum to Mexico. Naturally the Republican establishment balked, like the p*ssies they always prove to be. And of course Democrats sided with Mexico—par for the course on their end.

Meanwhile, Mexico gave President Trump everything he asked for. Immigration problem solved. And no need to bother America’s useless Congress.

The man who began his announcement to run for president as a joke, suddenly has many people seeing the joke is on them. One such convert may very well be Alec Baldwin.

According to TV Guide, Baldwin impeached himself in playing President Trump on SNL:

Alec Baldwin is ready to resign from the Oval Office — or at least the Oval Office set on the Saturday Night Live sound stage.

The last few seasons of SNL have largely built their Donald Trump-centric sketches on the actor’s ability to maintain an exaggerated duck face while sporadically flexing his fingers and speaking like a mid-tantrum toddler, but Baldwin is saying he wants out of the POTUS-playing game.

Baldwin spoke to USA Today about his Trump impersonation fatigue, saying, “I had a lot of fun with [the cast], and when Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider wrote [Trump sketches in 2016 and 2017], that was new, it was fresh and the ratings were good. But I feel like I’m done with that now. I’m so done with that.”

All about the ratings, huh? Excuse me if I don’t believe Baldwin’s explanation.

Baldwin is “done with that now” because it’s too difficult to lampoon a rock star. In other words, consider Baldwin’s move a realization that he is wrong. And Baldwin is not alone, as many Hollyweirdos secretly now appreciate Donald Trump. Not doing so almost guarantees a plague. Look at De Niro.

As the New York Daily News reported:

“Raging Bull” star Robert De Niro is worth over a half-billion dollars, an attorney said Thursday as the famous actor spars with his estranged wife over the terms of their divorce.

The new details about the Hollywood star’s finances emerged during a hearing in Manhattan Supreme Court that revealed the two are battling over how to interpret a 2004 pre-nuptial agreement signed after a previous divorce.

“Ms. Hightower has taken the position, ‘Nope, I’m entitled to 50%,’” Judge Matthew Cooper said.

And what of Jeff Bezos? While he’s still worth a fortune, the anti-Trump richest man in the world recently split his fortune with the soon-to-be former Mrs. Bezos.

Back to Baldwin.

Alec Baldwin would never admit that he respects Trump. That would require real balls, something in short supply in Hollywood. But there is a reason he won’t admit why he suddenly takes no pleasure in roasting Trump. And it has nothing to do with him just tiring of playing the part.

Jussie Smollett? The Mueller Report? Trump’s booming economy? Trump winning on trade? Who knows? What we do know is Trump has plenty to crow about, and Democrats have plenty of crow to eat.

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