Jim Acosta: Trumpers Scare Me

The word “anti-Trump” immediately conjures two images: the CNN logo and Jim Acosta’s face.

Surely at some point, Acosta was considered a “respected journalist.” But times change. Now, Acosta’s the poster boy for the #FakeNews.

Once upon a time, the media circus ruled politics. Their spin was accepted as the gospel. I recall my teenage years on the debate team. Time and again, quoting CNN, or any other mainstream network, was considered a factual source. They gave us the cold hard truth. So what happened?

We can sum that up in one word: leftism. The disease spread like wildfire when Bill Clinton took office and it’s only been downhill from there.

Then Donald Trump came along.

Trump insisted on fair and accurate reporting. And in the backwards mind of leftists, Trump’s destruction of dishonesty made him public enemy number one.

Instead of giving the media a chance to weave the rhetoric, Trump took the real facts straight to the people. And his bold moved paid off big time when Trump denied Hillary the chance to shatter the glass ceiling.

Suddenly, people like Jim Acosta felt the humiliation. Because they spent months declaring victory for the left. They twisted polls, exaggerated facts, and flat out manufactured stories to ensure Hillary’s rise to the top. And none of it matter, because truth prevailed.

So, faced with utter failure, what can Acosta do to seem relevant? Write a book.

Like Hillary and Comey, Acosta put his anti-Trumpisms in paperback. Now, Acosta peddles his mediocre attempt at becoming a novelist. His new book, “The Enemy of the People: A Dangerous Time to Tell the Truth in America,” is an absolute joke. I imagine he’ll end up giving away $2 copies much like Hillary does.

Scaredy Cat

The main focus of the book accuses Trump of creating an outlandish rhetoric in which the press is made out to be the enemy of the people. Per Acosta, it’s Trump’s fault for exposing the lies. Thus, networks have no culpability in creating the lies. Therefore, Acosta believes his life (along with the lives of his colleagues) is in danger.

Maybe he thinks someone in a MAGA hat will jump him and put a noose around his neck.

Back in my playground days, we’d call Acosta a “pansy ass.” However, in this PC world we now live in, we’re supposed to validate Acosta’s fears, so Jim makes the talk show rounds in some desperate plea for attention.


As Fox News explains:

“We have seen presidents from both parties express their frustrations with the press, that’s absolutely normal,” Acosta told Mediaite.

“An adversarial relationship between the president and members of the press can be expected. But what we have seen and heard directed by Trump at the news media over the last three years, I believe, lands far outside the bounds of acceptable rhetoric coming from somebody who is supposed to be the leader of the free world.”

“We have not seen a president repeatedly demonize the press as ‘the enemy of the people’ in modern presidential history, if ever. What started off as an act for this president has gotten out of his control. We now see some of his supporters lash out at the press in ways that make some of us feel endangered. The public has a right to know that. You will see some of that in my book.”

Acosta also spoke about political bias within the press and labeled his version of events “the truth,” before plugging his book for a second time. He also said there are certain issues that are black and white and have no room for discussion.

“As reporters, we not only deliver the news of the day. We must also defend the truth. And just because we are pro-truth doesn’t mean we are anti-Trump,” he said.


I don’t think Acosta understands the definition of the word. It wasn’t that long ago when Acosta set out to disprove the “border crisis,” but inadvertanly backed Trump’s narrative. Social media spent days mocking Acosta.

When faced with facts, did Jim back down? Of course not. In typical liberal fashion, he doubled down on anti-Trump efforts. Sadly, Acosta still clings to the false narrative, insisting he holds the ultimate truth.

Fox continues:

“But as I write in my book, there aren’t two sides to a story when it’s a matter of right versus wrong. When it comes to white supremacist violence in Charlottesville, for example, there was only one side to the story. There weren’t very fine people on both sides. That’s the truth.”


The interview comes after Acosta said in another new interview that the media has been more honest with the American public than the president.

“I have never witnessed a concerted effort by any news organization to take a stand one way or the other on a political issue, to damage one particular party or help another,” he told Publishers Weekly earlier this month.

He also defended the press by arguing that it issued corrections when mistakes are made, something he said the president does not do.

Well, at least Acosta got one fact straight. Trump is unapologetic. And for leftists, it’s pretty intimidating.





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