Jussie Smollett REHEARSED His Attack

Now we learn what we already knew. Jussie Smollett faked a “hate crime”.

After release of new information on his case, videos showed Smollett’s Mercedes at the scene of his MAGA play.

Reporter for CBS Chicago, Charles De Mar tweeted:

Police say Jussie Smollett did a drive through rehearsal prior to Jan 29 near scene of reported attack. Here is police surveillance pictures of his Mercedes. @cbschicago

Right after the fake crime incident, people mocked Smollett.

As we learned, Smollett was freed on $10,000 he submitted for bond. A small price to pay, given the $130,000 the city of Chicago spent investigating this hoax.

Thankfully for Smollett, County Attorney Kim Foxx decided not to prosecute him. Still, I don’t understand why leftists want to see an obvious criminal escape prosecution? Letting Smollett off the hook pokes defies the “white privilege” rhetoric liberals continually try to sell.

Regardless, we have Leftists to thank for another ironic hypocrisy.

Sadly, Smollett’s consequences are minute. I’m sure he didn’t have many MAGA hat-wearing fans. Thus, all he lost was a job. After the hoax of the decade, Smollett won’t even spend a week behind bar.

Out With the Trash

It’s a small consolation that Smollett won’t return to Empire. And I love how the studio framed their announcement.

Fox released this statement:

“By mutual agreement, the studio has negotiated an extension to Jussie Smollett’s option for season six, but at this time there are no plans for the character of Jamal to return to ‘Empire’.”

By mutual agreement? My ass.

Even when they can a piece of sh*t scumbag, Leftists can’t tell the truth.

Empire FIRED Smollett. And rightfully so. Why can’t Leftists take credit for doing the right thing? It’s like they are programmed against such moral acts.

Smollett lied about being attacked. There is no doubt about this.

Far worse he lied about pro-Trump people perpetrating the attack. And that’s why Leftists have a soft place in their hearts for what he did.

Leftist love that Smollett blamed two white guys for his fictitious attack. Adding to their bloodlust, Smollett claimed that the two men targeted him because they recognized him from Empire…as the “gay, black guy”.

And as with all “hate crimes”, one must push the envelope giving us the trappings of racism. So Smollett hearkened back to the days of slavery and lynching, and claimed the two pro-Trump white men put a noose around his neck and poured bleach all over him. Nice touch, Smollett!

For Democrats, this was the trifecta. The “hate crime” (hoax) contained all the salacious elements that braindead moronic Leftists love.

While a 3-year-old would recognize this story as total bullsh*t, not Leftists. They bought it hook, line, and sinker.

So despite this “hate crime” (hoax) happening in -29 degree chill factor with people wearing parkas, Leftists bought this nonsense. Despite no security cameras seeing anything close to this act occurring, Leftists believed the hype.

Even more incredible, when it was revealed by the two Jamaican perps who actually participated in the hoax that Smollett put them up to it, the IL prosecutor decided to let Smollett off.

Yet, there is video footage of these two Jamaicans, both friends of Smollett, buying rope and bleach. But still, no punishment for the disgraced actor.

Fallen Empire

Lying skank Jussie Smollett killed his career. But he also killed the show that put him on top.

Empire is no more. And I’m not unhappy about that. I’m sure the other actors will find other high-paying jobs that offer nothing to the world.

Daniels and Tom Donaghy co-created the series about three talented singers trying to navigate life’s challenges along with the cutthroat music business. But the overly fake drama wasn’t enough to hold viewers. Especially after Smollett tanked his reputation.

As Deadline previously reported, Fox announced on May 10 that it was ending the series after three seasons.

Daniels recently took to Instagram to share a message with the show’s loyal viewers.

“To our die hard Star fans, please know this was not of my doing. Our cast and crew are heartbroken,” he wrote using a broken heart emoji.

Daniels included a behind-the-scenes blooper reel in his post, that showed the cast, crew and guest stars having fun on set.

Unfortunately, Smollett will only miss being part of one season. I almost think it would be better if the show continued to grow more successful after Smollett ended up out with yesterday’s trash.

Perhaps Spike Lee will make a TV show and hire a few scandalous Hollyweirdos.

I know two white women who need jobs. I’m sure Lee can pull some strings and get the warden to allow cameras in the prisons where these women will serve.

Oh the irony. Two white women might serve time for cheating to get their kids in universities. Meanwhile, Jussie Smollett lied to police on a completely fabricated crime and that gay black man walks free.


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