Media Spin: Leftist Voters Don’t Care About Biden’s Racist Views

If you want to see some Biden campaign spin, check out the latest development in RaceGate.

Recently Biden commented about how well he got along with people who hated black people. Biden actually prided himself on having vapid segregationist friends, like John Stennis, James Eastland, and George Wallace to name only a few.

These are people who called black people “inferior”, and fought to keep blacks from integrating schools. Some were far worse in their roles as legislators.

Imagine if Donald Trump had but ONE of these types as a friend what the media would say about him.

Anyway, some of Biden’s challengers used Biden’s love of white nationalists to attack him. Cory Booker said that Biden should apologize for his comments. Biden responded saying Booker should apologize.

“That Negro needs to know his place,” is how I figure Biden took Booker’s affront.

Despite the racist overtones of Biden, Politico writes that Biden is unaffected by the allegations of racism. In their article, the Leftist rag writes that Democrat voters “couldn’t care less”.

Biden remains the front-runner in national polls and in the four early states. And according to a new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll taken several days after his comments about the racist lawmakers made headlines, his most recent flap isn’t hurting his chances in a significant way.

After hearing about Biden’s comments on working with multiple segregationists, 41 percent of likely primary voters said it would make no difference to them and 29 percent said they would be more likely to vote for him. Just 18 percent said they would be less likely to vote for him. The numbers were about the same for black voters: 30 percent said they would be more likely to vote for Biden, 20 percent said less likely and 27 percent said it made no difference.

So Biden loses 20 percent of likely voters, and Politico reports no harm no foul?

I disagree.

Anybody losing 20 percent of anything should be alarming. If you lost 20 percent of your business, I suggest an alarm should go off. If you’re not trying to lose weight and you lose 20 percent of your weight in a few days, I suggest an alarm might go off.

Biden doesn’t have 20 percent to lose, as his trajectory has been going the wrong way for weeks.

The Hill reported on June 4,

Support for former Vice President Joe Biden has faded since the launch of his 2020 presidential campaign, according to a new CNN poll.

The survey, released early Tuesday, shows Biden still leads the crowded pack of Democrats vying for the party’s nomination with 32 percent support.

However, his support is now 7 points lower than it was in an April CNN poll shortly after his formal entry in the race, when 39 percent said they supported him.

A week later, CBS reported that Biden had fallen 2 more points,

Former Vice President Joe Biden remains out front in the latest Democratic primary poll, but his lead is narrowing somewhat as his numbers have gone flat. Biden holds an 11-point advantage over his next closest rival, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, according to a Quinnipiac University National Poll released Tuesday.

Biden leads Democrats and voters leaning Democratic with 30% – down from 38% in April – but Sanders, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren and South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg are picking up steam in the latest poll.

Biden runs on name-recognition. But soon that name won’t be what Democrats need it to be, because doom looms.

Along with Biden’s creeping sexual behaviors and his obvious racism, Biden has another problem: Hunter Biden.

In what may be the most obvious pay-for-play scheme since The Clinton Foundation, Biden’s activities with his cocaine-using son are now mainstream. And that story is about to metastasize on Biden.

Clearly, Hunter Biden leveraged his father for deals with Ukraine and China. Know that Democrats smell this blood in the water, and the sharks are circling.

Expect the race rhetoric to ramp up, as black Leftist sense that Biden can’t make the cut. Kamala Harris will jump on that at the most convenient time.

And while Biden fights the battle on the race front, the white Leftists will attack from the flank with the pay-for-play gambit. Biden will then be kaput.


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