Mueller ADMITS FBI Failed in Investigation of Clinton

In the Mueller Report, the namesake investigator admitted that they didn’t do their homework.

But I suspect you’re not surprised.

As Breitbart reported:

In his extensive report, Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller notes that his investigative team did not “obtain or examine” the servers of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) in determining whether those servers were hacked by Russia.

I’m amazed at the level of thoroughness (not) done by the Mueller team. If only they had more time and money.

The article continues:

Instead, Mueller’s assessment of the DNC’s allegedly hacked servers relied upon the investigations conducted by the FBI and other agencies. “The Office understands that the FBI, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and the states have separately investigated that activity,” reads Mueller’s report.

Ok, let’s play along for a bit. Let’s pretend that Mueller believed the crooked FBI, led by disgraced former FBI Director James Comey, represented an unwavering search for truth.

If that’s the case then how, exactly, did the FBI analyze servers they never saw?

The article continues:

However, the DNC famously refused to allow the FBI to access its servers to verify the allegation that Russia carried out a hack during the 2016 presidential campaign. Instead, the DNC reached an arrangement with the FBI in which a third party company, CrowdStrike, conducted forensics on the server and shared details with the FBI.

Oh ok. Now I get it.

The FBI—supposedly the top investigative agency in the country—OUTSOURCED its work on what Democrats called an “attack on our democracy” (wrongly referring to America as such).

I do have one additional question: Why wouldn’t the Democrats allow the FBI to look at their server?

We live in a time when Democrats argue that if contacted by a foreigner trying to get dirt on a campaign, we should run to the FBI immediately. Yet they didn’t do that. Instead, they contacted a third-party provider.

So who is Crowdstrike?

CrowdStrike was financed to the tune of $100 million from a funding drive by Google Capital.

Google Capital, which now goes by the name of CapitalG, is an arm of Alphabet Inc., Google’s parent company. Eric Schmidt, the chairman of Alphabet, has been a staunch and active supporter of Hillary Clinton and is a longtime donor to the Democratic Party.

Just another pro-Clinton, anti-Trump co-conspirator in the attempted takedown of Trump. That’s who Google and Crowdstrike are. But there are other players, and the dots are easy to connect.

Take Perkins Coie for example:

It was previously reported that Perkins Coie, the law firm that represented the DNC and Clinton’s campaign, helped draft CrowdStrike to aid with the DNC’s allegedly hacked server.

On behalf of the DNC and Clinton’s campaign, Perkins Coie also paid the controversial Fusion GPS firm to produce the infamous, largely discredited anti-Trump dossier compiled by former British spy Christopher Steele.

And why didn’t Mueller’s extensive pro-Hillary Clinton, anti-Trump team follow the bread crumbs supposedly left by the GRU?

The article notes:

Mueller’s report states that the GRU, the Main Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, “stole approximately 300 gigabytes of data from the DNC cloud-based account.”

The GRU also targeted “individuals and entities involved in the administration” of the presidential election, the report documents.  “Victims included U.S. state and local entities, such as state boards of elections (SBOEs), secretaries of state, and county governments, as well as individuals who worked for those entities,” the report states.

Yet the Special Counsel’s office “did not investigate further” the evidence it said it found showing that Russia’s GRU targeted the DNC and the other entities. Mueller’s team did not examine or obtain the DNC’s servers.

The report states:

While the investigation identified evidence that the GRU targeted these individuals and entities, the Office did not investigate further. The Office did not, for instance, obtain or examine servers or other relevant items belonging to these victims. The Office understands that the FBI, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and the states have separately investigated that activity.

It’s all good, as the G-men are on it.

Except that the G-men outsourced that part of the investigation to a company who supported Hillary Clinton.

Ask yourself what Leftists would say if we flipped the script and it was Trump who did such things?

Is it any wonder why Mueller doesn’t want to answer any more questions?

And what about the media? Why don’t they have the investigative curiosity to seek answers to these obvious questions?



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