NYC Police Get a ‘Smollett’ Case

I file this case under, “Where in the hell is Jussie Smollett?”. But NYC might call it, “The Case of the Missing Dead Baby”.

In reading this story, I wondered, “Who ate the Subway sandwich?”. Or was this baby trying to get more money from the TV show Empire

According to The Blaze, New York City police officers spent hours investigating what they thought was the death of an infant in Queens, only to find out that the body they had recovered was actually just a lifelike doll.

Early on Tuesday morning a caller reported finding an unconscious and unresponsive infant near Crocheron Park in the Bayside neighborhood of Queens. NYPD Officers rushed to the scene, where EMS declared the baby dead.

Around 7am, CBS News reporter Andrea Grymes tweeted:

Large crime scene at 215th St & 35th Ave in where baby was found dead outside on the side of a house – across from a park and near a school. Neighbors say it’s absolutely heartbreaking @CBSNewYork

However, a few hours later, the NYPD confirmed that there had never been a baby and that the officers had been initially fooled by a realistic-looking doll that was made to seem like it was bruised and slightly decomposed.

Holy Mother of Jussie Smollett, I’m not sure who responded from EMS, but I suggest they check that group’s credentials. It’s one thing for a baby to look dead, but what of the smell and other clues?

On that point. the NYPD Crime Scene unit took control of the scene. Upon further examination of the doll, they determined it was a fake.

Who faked it?

The Blaze article continues,

Police are not sure whether the 911 caller was a well-meaning bystander who was also fooled by the doll, or someone who was deliberately trying to prank the NYPD. It’s also not clear who put the baby there or what their intention was. The NYPD is continuing to investigate.

If this was a prank, it succeeded in diverting a lot of NYPD resources. WNBC-TV reported that neighbors estimated that there may have been more than 100 police officers at the scene at one point during the investigation.

Is this baby in any way connected to Jussie Smollett? Perhaps a long-lost cousin?

At this point, all we’re missing is the hate note sent a few days before threatening the child.

Frankly, I’m surprised NYPD even investigated the death of what is clearly a white baby. An illegal baby, and I would understand such a call to action. AOC would arrange protests around Donald Trump’s immigration policies that obviously “separated this child from his parents”.

Then de Blasio would claim that two pro-Trump supporters–white nationalist, of course–were caught on camera beating the baby. They then put a noose around its neck and bleached the poor little Guatemalan infant.

Wreaths would be placed at the scene of the crime, and some up-and-coming politician would blame guns for the senseless crime. Other NY politicians would laud that person for being so bold in condemning guns. They then would denounce religious zealots for church shootings, racism, oppression of women, and their right-wing capitalist views.

Dang that fake white baby! Thousands of man-hours wasted on a story that can go nowhere. Maybe the Left can find the videographer in California who started all this mess?



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