Illegals: NYC Seizes 46 Ice Cream Trucks

If you think children being separated from the border is an atrocity, wait until you see what NYC did.

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio cracked a vicious ring of offenders: Ice Cream Trucks.

CNN explains:

Shell corporations, millions in fines, and a sting operation in New York City. It’s not a noir film; it’s a crackdown on ice cream trucks.

The city began seizing 46 ice cream trucks Wednesday in “Operation Meltdown” after operators violated traffic laws and then evaded fines for nearly a decade, Mayor Bill de Blasio said in a news release.

As the operators were handing out popsicles from 2009 to 2017 they also were racking up 22,000 summonses and nearly $4.5 million in fines for traffic violations, the city said. The operators had been cited for running red lights, parking near fire hydrants and blocking cross walks, among other things, the news release said.

“We all know from common experience that ice cream trucks are magnets for children,” said Zachary W. Carter, the city’s corporation counsel. “In order to protect this particularly vulnerable category of pedestrians, our traffic laws must be strictly enforced.”

To get away with not paying fines, the release said, the operators created dozens of “shell” companies and systematically re-registered trucks at the Department of Motor Vehicles under the names of different corporations. By the time the city’s finance department would try to collect on a debt, there would be no trace of the offending company, according to the news release.

The city has filed a lawsuit against offenders who owe more than $10,000 in judgments or unpaid fines, the release said.

“No New Yorker is above the law — especially those who try to ignore public safety laws and create dangerous situations for pedestrians, bikers and drivers,” de Blasio said in a statement.

No New Yorker is above the law. Really?

Apparently the mayor needs to clarify this statement: No citizen of NYC is above the law. But illegals certainly are.

Illegals ignore public safety laws with DUIs, carjackings, and a host of other motor vehicle crimes. Moreover, they create dangerous situations with gang activity that is on the rise.

I suggest the owner-operators of the forty-six ice cream trucks apply for sanctuary. Surely they could discuss the separation of trucks from “baby trucks” at the impound? Perhaps they should register their trucks as illegals?

The parallels between ice cream trucks and illegals is uncanny. Illegals break all the laws of these ice cream trucks, yet nothing is done. If an illegal breaks the law in NYC, de Blasio and others attempt to cover up their crimes. We know in Philly that government officials don’t charge criminal aliens with crimes, as they don’t want them deported.

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