Post-Debate Wrap-up: Biden Is TOAST

I predicted Biden wouldn’t be the Democrats’ candidate. And if Biden were smart, he wouldn’t want to run. But he’s a punch-drunk boxer who stayed for a few too many fights.

Obama resurrected Biden’s career. And Biden took full advantage, enriching his crackhead son, while pretending to be “Average Joe”. But Biden is far from that as his past record on a multitude of issues suggests.

Biden proved he’s not above taking money for his campaign in pursuit of power. He started this early in his career. However, he lacked the tact and the intellect for people to seriously back him. Which created his next real problem: cozying up to radical racists.

I foretold the future for Biden. Although Biden got a pass on his race problem cloaked under the protection of Obama, all’s fair in the blood-sport of politics.

Kamala Harris put the Democrat front-runner on full display.

Harris spoke deliberately in her well-rehearsed passive-aggressive attack on Biden.

Treating Biden as a perp, Harris began her parry with Biden, saying she didn’t think the former vice president “was a racist.” Consider that a pawing jab; a love tap. Because she then threw a right-cross, criticizing Biden’s racism of “defending segregationists” in the Senate.

The next punch came when Harris called Biden out for once opposing mandatory busing of students to desegregated public schools.

Harris’ tearjerker performance described a young girl in the 1970s who boarded such buses. Then she dramatically delivered the knockout blow: “That little girl was me.”

There Biden stood. Eyes glazed over. Stunned. Beaten by a journeyman fighter at best. If he thought his battle for the Democrat nomination would be easy and “civil”, he got a rude awakening.

Harris planned this attack

Most people knew the “hands off” policy on Biden ended the moment he declared his candidacy. And while Biden seemed surprised, clearly Harris orchestrated the moment.

Immediately after the exchange, Harris’ campaign tweeted a picture of a school-age Harris with pigtails. Under the graphics was the caption: “There was a little girl in California who was bussed to school. That little girl was me.”

Biden’s Reaction

Clearly the intimation by Harris rattled Biden. She pounced on Biden suggesting though he may not be racist, he certainly enabled racism. She pressed Biden on his betrayal of the spirit of the Civil Rights movement, if not on occasion, then on his lack of support thereof.

Putting on her prosecutor hat, she chided Biden, asking:

“Do you agree today that you were wrong to oppose busing in America?”

As many noted, Biden’s composure visibly changed.

Biden claimed that his record misrepresented his grievance on busing. He denied his record on a technicality, as Biden declared he didn’t oppose public school busing, just it being ordered by the Department of Education.

Harris’ retort, “There are moments in history where states fail to support the civil rights of people.”

Pretty much a knockout blow for Harris, and an upset.

Biden never recovered. One would think that his handlers would have walked him through all the possible scenarios to blunt attacks of racism, but not the case. Biden thought this race would be easy. Third times’ the charm.

That’s what happens when you think you have a lock. You don’t train.

If you watched Biden afterward, he seem unsure of himself. He undoubtedly lost his footing, and seemed to be waiting on somebody to offer a ten-count.

And then there’s the irony.

First, the irony that Biden didn’t know this was coming. According to people in the Biden camp, they weren’t blindsided by Harris. Certainly Biden’s demeanor betrayed that claim. Nevertheless, Biden’s campaign chair Cedric Richmond offered,

“I thought it was an important moment. He listened. And you don’t judge other people’s pain.”

And what of Biden’s missed opportunity to review his record on race with Obama? Sadly, there exists no positive record to review. Blacks suffered mightily under Obama, obscured by Obama’s blackness. Laughingly, many people believe that Obama’s record on race mirrored what a Klansman might create for blacks.

Obama didn’t address criminal justice reform, only releasing blacks at the end of his administration. And you can bet these were political favors.

Blacks lost more houses and businesses under Obama than any other president.

Biden’s excuses

One Biden supporter commented,

“We know that we are the front-runner and that people are going to try to bring the front-runner down…Since when is experience and wisdom a bad thing?”

Allow me to answer. Experience is a bad thing when you have Biden’s record of exerting power over women with sexual abuse. Also, when you cozy up to white nationalists, aka racists, who held dominion over blacks for decades.

Further, experience is a bad thing when you broker deals for your crackhead son and use your power as VP to make the impossible happen.

As for wisdom, Biden offers none.

Oh the Irony

As with most Democrat politics, there is hypocrisy and irony. Generally you get both. This situation is no different.

Harris supposedly like Biden. But like Meghan Markle, Harris only uses men until they are of no use to her. Biden now fits the bill.

Joe Biden endorsed Harris during her 2016 Senate race, but that was then and this is now.

So what’s next for Mr. Civility?

I suggest Biden will soon apologize for his lack of sensitivity on civil rights issues. He will do this in hopes of putting it behind him. But that apology will come with the last gasps of a dying old white racist’s political career.



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