PROOF: Joe Biden WILL NOT be Democrats’ Nominee (videos)

I would actually love to see Joe Biden become a three-time loser for president. However, that won’t take going against Donald Trump to make it so.

I contend that Biden won’t even be the Democrats’ nominee. Once again, Biden won’t make it out of the primary.

I understand the knee-jerk reason for putting Biden in. After all, he’s the former VP to Democrats’ baby black Jesus, namely Barack Obama. Further, “It’s His Turn,” as Biden allowed Hillary Clinton another shot to dominate the world without his competing for it. So why not reward Biden with his final chance, even at the ripe old age of 76?

Who cares that Biden has slowed down a bit? That’s to be expected of rich old white men. And isn’t that just what the Democratic Party needs? Another rich old white president?

Remember, “It’s HIS turn.” Democrats can overlook his rich old whiteness for just a bit, can’t they?

Except perhaps, Buttigieg. He recently called out Biden for his age, though not by name. The little town mayor alluded to Democrats needing new blood. Most saw that as a shot at Biden. The LGBTQ is ageist, it appears.

But what of the “man issue?”

I’m sure Elizabeth Warren and Kirsten Gillibrand will eventually get around to attacking Biden on his creepiness. Biden’s fetish has been shelved for now. But if Biden were riding high in the polls, you can bet the feminists would be attacking Biden for being a perv.

But Biden has even more “special interest” problems besides a gay mayor and a haggle of hags.

I suspect race will be the bug-a-boo that bites Biden in the buttocks. Biden’s lack of blackness will be his undoing.

Surprisingly, it won’t be Kamala Harris or Cory Booker (remember him?) bringing it up. Instead, it will be the black base. Check out what this gentleman says about Biden.


“Yeah he’s Uncle Joe…everybody likes the fluffy Uncle. But he’s Barack Obama’s friend. He got the cool black friend. old [white] guy who has a black friend. Right. That’s all it is. Joe has a terrible history with the black community, and everybody just loves him because he’s the fluffy old guy. He has given us no policy…”

If you think Creepy Joe has problems looming with blacks, check out his future problems with youngsters.

Campus Reform visited Marymount University to interview students on the issue of race. They found students and asked if they were more likely to vote for Biden or Trump. All the interviewees said Biden.

Next, the students were asked to pick who said the racist quote. Below is the video:

Students associated the quotes with Trump, whom they are told is racist. However, when students learned that Joe Biden made the racist comments, they were rightfully shocked.

Moreover, all of those interviewed said they would need to rethink their stance towards Biden.

Now imagine what happens when these and other students learn of what Donald Trump has done to help blacks?

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