Trump Rape Story Stolen From Hollywood

Trump’s supposed rape victim is actually more of a plagiarizer than a victim of sexual assault.

Sadly, the #MeToo movement is a huge setback to women’s rights. While it was supposed to be a way we could all come together and tell our stories, the lies tangled with the hashtag systematically destroy the credibility of true victims. And leftists couldn’t care less.

Personally, I find the blatant lies regarding sexual assault among the lowest of the low. The simple fact is that rape is a real and true part of our culture. It took decades for the legal system and society to stop blaming women for these horrific crimes. Even now, there are times when brutal rapes aren’t prosecuted for the sad fact that old prejudices render some real victims as terrible witnesses. But just when it starts to feel as though we’re on equal ground, someone like Christine Blasey-Ford or E. Jean Carroll comes along and rips the rug out from under us all.

Forgive my passion on this subject for a moment. However, there are some issues on which we can’t be divided by left vs. right or Republican vs. Democrat. And this is definitely one of them. Sexual assaults don’t only happen to conservatives or liberals. They don’t only happen to women. And worst of all, they don’t only happen to adults. Children suffer the same brutality without the sensibilities that keep us pushing on for a brighter tomorrow.

Therefore, I’ve never allowed myself to believe “that woman’s a democrat, thus, she must be lying.” Instead, I’ve carefully weighed both sides of every publicly debated instance of abuse I’ve come across.

Ford Bluff

When Christine Blasey-Ford took her accusations against Justice Kavanaugh public, I devoured every second of her testimony. I wasn’t willing to defend him JUST because he’s a conservative. I listened carefully, and came to my own conclusion. Sadly, Ford left me feeling uncomfortably ashamed because for the first time, I felt completely certain, a woman lied.

In fact, once the allegations of witness tampering surfaced, I knew, without a doubt, I’d made the right call.

I remember writing:

If you were still on the fence about Kavanaugh, make no bones about it. This is a story created by leftists who assumed their hate for Donald Trump was enough to derail this conservative confirmation. And when the scam seemed destined to fail, liberals begged their non-witness to concoct a lie.

Luckily, Ford’s lies failed to keep Kavanaugh off the Supreme Court, but he certainly paid a high price for his ascension. Kavanaugh faced angry mobs, irate women, and even witches who tried to put a hex on him. Yet, Kavanaugh handled the situation with honesty, integrity, and grace.

Meanwhile, Ford made nearly $650,000 off the ordeal. And we’ve yet to hear an apology from the left. Now I’m wondering what the payoff will be for E. Jean Carroll? Is there a GoFundMe raking in the dollars for this lying leftist?

Fact or Fiction

Like I mentioned earlier, I pride myself on forming opinions independently. Thus, when Kevin Jackson first penned the story, I took the time to read the original article written by Carroll in its entirety.

Several things struck me as odd. First, why would Donald Trump, a man with entire towers at his beck and call, need to rape her in a dressing room? Surely, he’s smart enough to lure her to his safety net.

Second, as Jackson points out, Carroll was also molested by now-fired CBS executive Les Moonves and the late Roger Ailes. The only men missing from her predictable list of who’s who among sexual assaulters are Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby. They must be the unnamed men on her list.

After reading Carroll’s own words, I form my first conclusion. This woman doesn’t know the difference between a consensual regret and a violent attack.

Does Hunter, the greatest degenerate of his generation, who kept yelling, “Off with your pants!” as he sliced the leggings from my body with a long knife in his hot tub, make the list? Naw.

But Donald Trump, a three-minute-hook-up in a dressing room makes the list?

Then there was the Anderson Cooper interview. One can rest assured, if there was any truth in Carroll’s claim, Cooper was determined to extract it. Instead, he cut to commercial after Carroll’s awkward realization that most women “find rape sexy.”

My second conclusion is pretty obvious. This woman is bat sh*t crazy.

However, here’s the twist I wasn’t expecting.

Stolen Goods

Carroll’s story reeks of fiction, if you ask me. It seems to steal all the predictable components of a sexual assault. There is a focus on mundane details while big picture facts are lacking. There is an uncomfortable disconnect between the story and the teller. Further, Carroll seems to answer the very questions she knows we will ask, such as “did you report this to anyone?” But there is an overwhelming lack of authenticity I couldn’t put my finger on, until now.

Carroll’s story reads straight from an episode of Law & Order, SVU. She didn’t even bother to change the name of the department store! (Season 13, Episode 11 to be exact.)

MAGA Michelle Tweeted the clip:

I must admit, I’m slightly interested in Carroll’s explanation of this, given the odds of such a coincidence. It’s kind of like passing a train wreck- you know it’s tragic. Still, you can’t help but stare at the debris.










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