Trump’s Impeachment Trap for Democrats

President Donald Trump knows the Democrats better than they know themselves. Thus, he’s rightfully pegged them as morons.

And morons do what morons do. They push issues they know nothing about. Take Russian collusion for example. 

Democrats tried hard to sell their lie of Russian collusion. A farce from the beginning, Russian collusion had as much influence on America’s presidential election as the South American pygmies. But Democrats wrongly believed they could sell the lie.

The witch hunt moved to con job. And now Democrats push the asinine idea of obstruction. Then, they try to leverage faux obstruction into calls for impeachment.

Meanwhile Trump does nothing to stop them. I’m sure some question why the president hasn’t directly responded to calls for impeachment. I certainly did. Then Pelosi said something that made me think differently.

Pelosi said, “I think the president is daring us to impeach him.” I considered her comment, and I agree. What a brilliant move!

Political pundits are split. Some believe impeachment is the Democrats’ only choice of winning. Others believe impeachment proves the Democrats’ desperation.

On impeachment, Congressional Black Circus clown Al Green admitted that the only way for Democrats to beat Trump is to impeach him. Sadly for him, impeachment won’t accomplish anything of the sort.

So Trump indeed WANTS to be impeached. But this is because he needs Democrats to sink to their lowest.

Understand that impeachment is a TRAP!

Trump plays the long game. And he’s used to seeing results when he’s finished. His acumen for warfare comes from the grueling game of business. But unlike politics, business must have a tangible asset. This is the problem all the coup plotters ran into. These Leftist politicos have no understanding of getting results. In fact, 99.99 percent of people would have caved under the pressure Trump found himself under. But for Trump, the coup was and continues to be child’s play.

Further, the best way to handle a weaker opponent is to drag them into deep water.

Trump now has all the cards in his favor.

Most of the Deep State swamp rats are either gone or identified. The media sits at its weakest point in decades. Finally, Trump has his team in place and they are on the offensive. So now Trump says, “Impeach me!”

And when the dominoes begin falling, the impeachment looks like what it is: furthering of the con job.

Pelosi senses the game. Thus she remains a bit hesitant to impeach. However, her loss of power with the braindead morons prevents her from pulling rank. So she pretends to go along. In truth, no serious Democrat really wants to impeach Trump. The more they test the idea, the higher Trump’s poll numbers get.




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