Trump’s Mexico Deal: Nail in Democrat Coffin on Illegal Immigration

In a masterful move, President Trump circumvented Congress on illegal immigration. Democrats didn’t see that coming.

What Trump did was use America’s massive economy to insure Mexico’s support. In case you’ve been asleep for three years, you should note that Trump knows America’s economy is our best weapon.

Since Democrats torpedo economies, they don’t see them the same way Trump does.

Anyway, Trump told Mexico in no uncertain terms that if they don’t stop illegals from entering the U.S. through Mexico, he would make them pay.

I know, I know…rehash.

Mexico gave in and is now sending over 4,000 troops to key areas of their border to stave off illegal immigration.

Why the big deal?

Because Trump knows how to get the right type of attention on issues. While Democrats schemed to ruin this negotiation, Mexico quickly accepted the terms. This signals to the world that Mexico wasn’t waiting for Democrats to come to the rescue. Clearly, Mexico sees dealing with Trump as the way to go, or things could go really bad for them.

In Year One of the Trump presidency, I think countries tried to wait Trump out. They counted on Democrats to destroy the man. But then world leaders noticed that Trump wins.

And everybody knows, if you back the loser you could lose your head.

Another point to consider is that Democrats schemed against Trump. Nevertheless, Mexico accepted the terms. This action by Mexico bolsters my earlier argument that Mexico understands that it must back the winner.

Consider that Democrats screamed about how bad this deal was to our partner, namely Mexico. Democrats whined and bitched, pretending the care about Mexico.

Pelosi called the president’s play “dangerous territory”.

What’s most dangerous for Democrats is their constant cry of “wolf” after every Trump move.

But then Trump’s moves turn out fantastic. The deal with Mexico represents another example.

Pelosi and many other politicos whined and moaned, as Mexico celebrated the deal.

Even more revealing is that Trump proved again he will solve a problem no matter what. Democrats demagogued the issue of illegal immigration, so Trump figured out a novel way to solve it.

How many times do Democrats believe they can scream ARMAGEDDON before the public turns a deaf ear? I believe Democrats have no more bullets for their guns. This is why President Trump practically dares them to impeach him. He even recently said [pp], “Impeach if you want, but I’m not leaving office.”

I wrote earlier of House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler’s embarrassing panel. He asked disgraced Watergate fixer John Dean to testify on the Mueller Report. That’s like asking Charles Lindbergh to fly an F-22.


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