Twitter’s Latest Target: Hero Conservatives

Social Media declared all out war against conservatives, removing thousands of accounts and shadow-banning thousands more.

Leftists cheer on this assault against the Bill of Rights. Every day leftists simultaneously attack free speech and free press. And liberals can’t fathom how they lose just as much as conservatives when freedom is lost.

Meanwhile, Hollywood makes a fortune on some hero saving the life of a doomed person. The Equalizer starring Denzel Washington featured a retired CIA operative taking matters into his own hands to save a child sex slave. Now imagine if we demonized the man who did this?

But we don’t have to imagine it, because most Conservatives live it. Those who fight for the lives of innocent children are literally demonized by a social media cabal of openly-racist, leftist eugenicists. Those who fight for a “woman’s right to choose” display their vile system of beliefs cloaked in concern for a woman’s body.

In this story, we reveal the agenda to shut down the voices of the real heroes.

According to Red State:

Yesterday, James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas revealed that Pinterest had deactivated the account of the major pro-life group, Live Action, and blocked the ability to save items from their site to Pinterest. Pinterest blocked Live Action by declaring it to be a porn site and in their notification about account deactivation claimed that Live Action provided misleading medical information (this is demonstrably a lie as the medical information on the site is written/reviewed by actual doctors) and for pushing anti-vax messages (Live Action is against the harvesting of fetal tissue for use in vaccine development, a position the US government is in agreement with). O’Keefe received his info from a Pinterest insider.

Here’s the full video:

So now Pinterest wants to join Facebook, Twitter, Google, and YouTube in the blatant censorship of conservatism. It’s the same old song on yet another platform.

Key Twitter Take-Aways

Twitter is still buzzing with reactions.

Of course, the social media giant couldn’t let Project Veritas get away with telling the truth, so in true leftist fashion, Twitter retaliated.

Project Veritas Suspended

Obviously, Project Veritas is making enemies far and wide by keeping the conservative voice going strong. But good luck getting a liberal to care when free speech and free press are attacked. Especially since they already don’t care about the unborn children murdered day after day. Consider the irony here. Leftists rally together to ensure dogs and cats end up in no-kill shelters so they can all be adopted. Yet they won’t give the same effort to mankind. Listen, I get all warm and fuzzy for puppies and kittens, too. But I sure as heck put a baby at the top of the priorities list.

The rules of liberalism are certainly confusing. Don’t wear fur and don’t eat meat. Be sure the animals all get a home. But if you’re feeling antsy about parenthood, just kill the little booger.

Further, don’t expect anyone to question this logic. Because until the dollars start flying out the window, the social media giants won’t give a damn. Time to hit them where it hurts.


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